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Who Are The Boots?

Defeating ISIS

Artist – Rob Rogers

I can think of no better way to start the weekend than Colbert on Fox News coverage of “boots on the ground.”

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen this week.

Well Obama, are the boots not on the ground because they’re on that Michael J. Fox hoverboard, or are they not on the ground because our troops have turned into teen wolves and are dunking a basketball right now?

A compilation of just Brian Kilmeade saying random stupid stuff would be just as funny.

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Rand Paul Delivers the Rand Paul Rebuttal to Rand Paul


Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) delivered a rebuttal speech to himself on the floor of the Senate yesterday, contradicting several of the rhetorical positions he has taken over the past several weeks.

In his fantastical speech, Rand denounced the interventionists who, according to him, are always wrong.

Rand spent the opening minutes of his speech splitting hairs over procedure in a transparent attempt to both support and oppose intervention at the same time, saying that the bill to authorize intervention and the continuing resolution to fund the government should be split and voted on separately. And if you’ve spent any amount of time watching how Congress operates in the past four years, you’d know that this would be a bad idea that could lead to a government shutdown.

After facing a brief objection from Senator Mikulski (D-MD) concerning congressional procedure, Rand went on a lengthy spiel denouncing the interventionists who want to ‘involve us in another nation’s civil war.’

The problem, of course, is that Rand himself has called for doing exactly that multiple times in the past several weeks.

On September 4th, Rand wrote an op-ed for Time in which he attacked the president and said that he would have called congress back from recess and sought authorization for strikes against targets in Iraq and Syria.

As Commander-in-Chief, I would not allow our enemies to kill our citizens or our ambassadors. “Peace through Strength” only works if you have and show strength. [...]

If I had been in President Obama’s shoes, I would have acted more decisively and strongly against ISIS. I would have called Congress back into session—even during recess.

Rand didn’t merely take on a more hawkish tone than the president, he also explicitly called for airstrikes in Syria and for arming regional opposition.

The military means to achieve these goals include airstrikes against ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria. Such airstrikes are the best way to suppress ISIS’s operational strength and allow allies such as the Kurds to regain a military advantage.

We should arm and aid capable and allied Kurdish fighters whose territory includes areas now under siege by the ISIS.

It’s not entirely clear why Rand supports arming Kurdish rebels but not Syrian rebels, but during his speech on the floor of the Senate yesterday he made several subtle references to the rumor that the CIA began delivering American arms to rebels in Syria a long time ago and that those weapons are already in the hands of ISIS.

Rand referred to a story that appeared in The New York Times, but that is not what the New York Times reported. The Times reported that the CIA helped Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatari deliver arms to moderate rebel groups, not ISIS.

The weapons, including automatic rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, ammunition and some antitank weapons, are being funneled mostly across the Turkish border by way of a shadowy network of intermediaries including Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood and paid for by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the officials said.

The C.I.A. officers have been in southern Turkey for several weeks, in part to help keep weapons out of the hands of fighters allied with Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups, one senior American official said.

Throughout his speech Rand went to great lengths to repeatedly denounce shipping more arms to the region, saying that we’re sending more arms “into chaos,” but he explicitly called for arming Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq.

What makes them so special? How do you reconcile these two positions? Why is that different? Isn’t he worried that arming Kurdish rebels could inflame regional tension with Turkey and create more “chaos?”

Rand also carved out a segment of his speech to attack Hillary Clinton again around the 25 minute mark, saying that he can’t explain to the American people why “Secretary Clinton made terrible decisions in Benghazi” and “failed to defend the consulate.” He went on to assert that the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi is a good example of why we must involve ourselves in the Middle East; because we must take pro-active measures to ensure the safety of Americans.

Not many people would necessarily disagree with that sentiment, but isn’t that contradictory to his position that we’re too active in the region? That we create “chaos?”

That brief attack on the former secretary of state was a continuation of his appearance on Fox News on September 5th, the day after he wrote the op-ed for Time, in which Rand took a hawkish stance and mocked Hillary Clinton for being more concerned about climate change than terrorism.

His response: “I don’t think we really want a commander-in-chief who is battling climate change instead of terrorism.

He went on to question “whether she has the wisdom to lead the country — which I think it’s obvious that she doesn’t.”

Rand spent a great deal of time during his nearly 45 minute speech yesterday decrying the bipartisan rush to war and the procedural steps taken to authorize it, but ultimately he supports military intervention in Iraq and Syria. He supports a new authorization for use of military force (AUMF). He said he would call Congress back from recess to pass a new AUMF. He has attacked the president for not doing so.

I lost count around the 6th or 7th time Rand complained about attaching the authorization for intervention (which he supports) to the continuing resolution to keep the government funded, as if to cast himself as the lone voice of reason when he has been as vocal as anyone in calling for military action.

You can watch the full the speech below. It’s nearly 45 minutes long but around the 30 minute mark he really begins to ramble.

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Conspiracy Theory


As far as the executive vice president of the Family Research Council is concerned, it’s an established fact that President Obama “orchestrated” the migration of immigrant children who will form a new permanent Democratic voting bloc.

It’s not clear what motivation the president would have for building a voting bloc that will fully mature sometime around the year 2030, but I digress.

If this is an established fact, why hasn’t the president been impeached? Why hasn’t he been charged?

According to Jerry Boykin, the president hasn’t been removed from office because gay people, Marxists, and the Muslim Brotherhood are in cahoots and they’ve brainwashed Americans.

“The Islamists are running an influence campaign, trying to change our thinking and you saw the evidence of that when the president stood up last week and said ‘ISIS is not Islam.’ That’s an influence campaign, that’s brainwashing the American people trying to get them to believe that nonsense,” he said. “You see that also with the Marxists, Marxists are doing exactly the same thing. The LGBT lobby is doing the same thing, they are bombarding us with this messaging that is really about changing the way we think, changing our attitude.”

Islamists and gay people working together. Mass hysteria!

Boykin must not be aware that ISIS believes gay people are pedophiles, animals and creatures who must be eliminated.

Unless that’s just want they want us to believe. It’s possible ISIS is merely pretending to be one of the most violent anti-gay organizations in the world for the purposes of working with gay people to brainwash Americans into not impeaching the president over an imagined invasion of liberal children.

The lizard people could be in on it, too.

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GOP Candidate Wouldn’t Hesitate to Fire Lasers at Mexico

This is real life.

Mark Walker, the Republican nominee for North Carolina’s 6th Congressional District, is an unhinged ignoramus who is willing to fire our lasers(??) at Mexico to handle the drug cartel threat.

“I will tell you if you have foreigners who are sneaking in with drug cartels to me that is a national threat,” Mark Walker said during a speech to Tea Partiers in Rockingham County. The footage was reported by via a post at the Daily Kos. “And if we got to go laser or blitz somebody with a couple of fighter jets for a little while to make our point, I don’t have a problem with that either. So yeah, whatever we need to do.

Picard and Riker Facepalm

Walker says he would have “no qualm” about doing whatever we need to do with lasers because we “did it before” and it may need to be done again.

I wasn’t aware that we had fighter jets and lasers during the Mexican American war.

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Morning Awesome

Genesis – “Duke’s Travels” Live

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By Corporations, For Corporations


Artist – David Horsey

In other news, the House of Representatives has canceled their work session for the remainder of the month and will not return to Washington until November 12th.

Must be nice.

Meanwhile, racist rancher and freeloader Cliven Bundy is facing a lawsuit because one of his cows almost killed a woman.

The accident report said authorities at the scene had to herd four other cows away from the highway through a hole in the fence along the interstate.

“The cow’s owner never arrived on scene after being contacted by NHP dispatch,” the report said.

Bundy says it’s the state’s job to maintain fencing; not his. If you can believe that shit.

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Obama’s Fault

Representative Tom Cotton (R) would like to assure the residents of Arkansas that the only reason he voted against the farm bill is because President Obama made him do it.

COTTON: When President Obama hijacked the farm bill and turned it into a food stamp bill, with billions more in spending, I voted no. Career politicians love attaching bad ideas to good ones. Then the bad ideas become law and you pay for it.

I’m Tom Cotton. I approve this message. I think you paid enough already.

If you have even a cursory understanding of the agricultural industry, you’re probably aware that food stamps have been included in the farm bill for decades, long before Tom Cotton even graduated from high school.

Spending on subsidies and food stamps filters down from the government to the farm and on to supermarkets where farmed goods are sold. Every one dollar spent on food stamps translates to more than one dollar in economic activity. Spending on subsidies and food stamps inevitably lines the pockets of rural conservative farmers who vote Republican even though they’re against food stamps.

Tom Cotton wants those rural conservative voters to know that he only voted against their subsidies because Obama.

The ironic thing is the farm bill that ultimately passed and was signed into law contained fewer cuts to food stamps than the bill Tom Cotton initially voted against. And why didn’t the final bill contain as many cuts as the original bill? Because House Republicans did not have enough the votes to pass their own bill without Democratic support.

The final bill reduced spending on food stamps. It did not add “billions more in spending” as Cotton alleges.

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Don’t Mess With Texas History


The imagined slight of an Advanced Placement U.S. History curriculum that is “anti-American” has swept the state of Texas and the state Board of Education has taken steps to eliminate it.

From the Associated Press

The Board of Education approved a measure declaring that the history curriculum its members set trumps that covered by the AP history course created for classrooms nationwide. That class concludes with an exam that can earn college credit for students who score high enough.

The board must still take a final vote, but the measure’s content isn’t expected to change.

Critics contend that the revised Advanced Placement curriculum is anti-American because it has narrowed the amount of content students are required to memorize but, rather than omit events that paint America in a less-sympathetic light, it excluded events that are more endearing.

In other words, critics contend that it’s anti-American because it does not whitewash our history.

I’ll ask the same question I have asked about this topic before: why do conservatives want to emulate the educational practices of nations they would call enemies by censoring negative events in our own history?

As the Associated Press points out, actions taken by the state Board of Education could potentially hurt Texas students because they will take the same exam even if they aren’t preparing for it as intended.

In 2013, about 47,500 Texas high school students took the AP History exam, and about 18,600 earned college credit. AP History students this year will still take the new exam, but will prepare for it by studying Texas-sanctioned curriculum.

Conservatives in the state government are setting their students up to fail. Because Advanced Placement U.S History is the stuff of liberals.

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Senate GOP Want to Deport All DREAMers, Block Non-Existent “Amnesty”


Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has committed to bringing up the House Republicans’ terrible, no good, bad border bill which they voted on before the August recess.

In his own words, Sessions says they must vote on the bill to block “executive amnesty.”

“This is the time. It’s either stopped now, or it may never be stopped,” Sessions said, calling the idea “executive amnesty.” “And we need to vote on it, and people need to be held accountable. And every American needs to know where their senator stands on the president’s unlawful assumption of power.”

“Executive amnesty” sounds sexy, but don’t be fooled. Amnesty, as the Republicans refer to it, is not something the president is actually considering.

The White House is reportedly considering measures such as greatly expanding work visa programs and deferred action, but neither of these things qualify as amnesty in the legal sense.

In the minds of Republicans they do qualify as amnesty, but so would any other measure the president is considering. Regardless of what he does, they’ll call it “amnesty” even if it isn’t amnesty.

Don’t forget that the bill Sessions is bringing up for a vote is the bill passed by House Republicans which would end deferred action and deport all DREAMers. The bill also included far less funding than the White House requested to deal with the so-called “border crisis.” The White House requested over $3 billion in funding to deal with the situation, but House Republicans passed a bill including less than $1 billion.

Remember the border crisis? We haven’t heard about that in a while, have we?

The new hotness on the right is the idea that ISIS is coming across the border. Diabolical children who are supposedly Ebola-carrying rapists are so last month.

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Republican Odds For Taking Over the Senate Drop 10 Points in Two Weeks

Watching the polls over the past six months, I can’t help but to wonder whether presidential terms should be limited to one six-year term. Frankly, in the internet age, I don’t think voters have the patience or an attention span long enough to carry through two four-year terms. We’ve re-elected all but three presidents in the last 40 years, which is a relatively new trend unique to the late-20th Century and the early 21st (FDR aside). So, we don’t really care for changing horses mid-stream any more. Yet with the rise of social media and the internet enabling us to self-flagellate with misinformation, confirmation bias, conspiracy theories and just plain nonsense from the world of politics, perhaps two terms is too much.

Take President Obama for example. The latest New York Times/CBS News poll shows Obama’s overall approval remains in the crapper, while, generally, the Republican Party has a slight edge over the Democrats. Obama’s job approval overall and in key areas such as the economy, terrorism and foreign policy is hovering around 40 percent, and the GOP holds a six point edge over the Democrats. None of it makes sense if you look at the record. Regarding terrorism and foreign policy, the president is generally taking actions that are popular in the polls. On the economy, nearly all indicators are besting pre-Great Recession levels, especially the stock market and the budget deficit. Maybe there’s something else, and maybe that something else is TMI — too much information. The bombardment is relentless, creating anger and fatigue.

But it’s not all bad news for the president and his supporters. If we scan further down the poll results and take a look at specifics, the congressional Republicans are ridiculously unpopular with a 19 percent approval rating next to the congressional Democrats’ 30 percent. Voters are growing tired of the president, but they appear to viscerally despise the congressional GOP with the fire of a thousand suns. As the midterm season throttles into high gear, these numbers are the only ones that really count. No, the president isn’t the most beloved man in the universe right now, but the congressional Republicans — put it this way, Nixon’s approval rating during the height of Watergate was 24 percent, while banks during the recession had an approval rating of 18 percent.

Not too long ago… CONTINUE READING

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Morning Awesome

The Tragically Hip – “At The Hundredth Meridian”

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Turned Out Fine


Artist – Nick Anderson

In other news, Attorney General Eric Holder said today that the Department of Justice is preparing fraud charges against “individuals at Wall Street firms.”

Meanwhile, Steve Stockman is an idiot.

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Team Rand: He Didn’t Say That Thing He Said Which We Won’t Name


In case you didn’t notice, there have been quite a few stories lately, from columns to blog posts, popping up all over the web demonstrating that Rand Paul has completely flipped on previous positions. And, in some cases, he has flipped and flopped from one week to the next.

Rand’s campaign is now denying that he has changed positions, accusing the Washington Post of misrepresenting his views. But that would be easier to refute, however, if Rand’s campaign would say which of his many views has been misrepresented.

After saying that a recent story in the Washington Post was “full of inaccuracies” during an interview with The Federalist, Rand’s campaign declined to tell the Washington Post what was inaccurate.

Afterward, the Post asked a spokesman for Paul’s Senate office to identify the inaccuracies that the senator had been referring to.

Paul’s spokesman declined. “We will be doing this on another platform,” spokesman Brian Darling wrote in an email.

If the other platform Rand plans to address this in is an op-ed, it probably won’t turn out too well for him.

Rand has written a number of op-eds in the past month and each successive piece included lines that were contradicted in the previous one.

The truth is Rand holds every position and no position.

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Parenting Classes With Sean Hannity

Fox News and hate radio host Sean Hannity is offering advice for current and expecting parents.

What is his advice? Tell your kids that being gay is wrong and whip them if they don’t listen.

During his radio show yesterday, Hannity expressed concern that parents are may soon be prohibited from transmitting their shitty values into the minds of their children by telling them that they should feel ashamed and ostracized if they’re gay.

HANNITY: “This is my problem with liberals. Because here’s where my fear goes. You guys want to tell parents what they can and cannot do — for example, is it going to become illegal if a parent teaches the politically correct view that being gay is not normal?” [...]

“I think we’ve gotten to the point where, you know, if we don’t politically correct our kids we might as well hand our kids over to the government the day they’re born and let them raise them.” [...]

“My problem here is, do parents have the right to instill their values in their children? My problem is we send these kids off to school. Maybe they’re taught that God is dead, or maybe they’re taught that it’s okay to have sex. Maybe they’re taught values that contradict what the parents are teaching, whatever it happens to be — you know Heather has two mommies, daddies, roommates — that’s the government circumventing parental values.” [...]

“Look, some people disagree on the gay lifestyle because of religious views. If they teach their kids, is the government going to come in one day and say, ‘That’s wrong, that’s immoral’?

The government may not come in and say that’s wrong, but I will.

Whether or not parents will instill questionable values in their children would be less of a concern if the parents themselves did not exhibit questionable values. And, as far as I’m concerned, sending a message to your children that being gay makes them abnormal is questionable. Making your children feel ashamed of who they are is what’s truly wrong and immoral.

The government cannot dictate what values you hold dear, but it can create a public space where your values are not given precedent over the values of others. So-called “religious liberty” laws, for their part, are an affront to the idea that everyone should be treated equally in public and such laws are an attempt to codify the values of the few above the values of all.

Hannity didn’t stop at saying parents should be free to shame their gay children, however.

Last night Hannity defended Vikings running-back Adrian Peterson, who beat his son until he bled, saying that he turned out just fine after being whipped.

“I got hit with a strap. Bam, bam, bam. And I have never been to a shrink. I will tell you that I deserved it,” he said.

“I think he went far,” Hannity then said about Peterson. “But I don’t want to see this guy get a felony, I don’t want to see this guy lose his job. He deserves parenting classes.

Parenting classes taught by Hannity?


Hannity’s claim that being beaten by his father did not leave him “mentally bruised” seems debatable to me.

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Thanks for Nothing

In other the-NRA-is-terrible news, Senator Mark Pryor is receiving no thanks from the NRA for voting to kill universal background checks.

Last year, Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) voted against a popular proposal to require people who purchase firearms online or at gun shows first complete a background check. On Tuesday, however, the National Rifle Association announced a $1.3 million ad buy in Pryor’s home state of Arkansas supporting Pryor’s Republican opponent Rep. Tom Cotton.

This is what happens when you deal with the devil.

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NRA: Gun Control Advocates Are Pro-Domestic Violence

It’s forgone that the NRA sits atop the list of Worst Persons in the World, but this is a reach that deserves special recognition.

According to the NRA, the Ray Rice domestic violence case shows that people who are in favor gun control are also in favor of domestic violence because they’re denying women the right to protect themselves.

via Media Matters

While criticizing the manner in which [Shaneen] Allen’s case has been handled, [NRA News commentator Colion] Noir made a bizarre leap of logic to claim that “all anti-gunners around the world” are “providing an example to young men that it’s okay to beat women as long as you can throw a football of course,” because of the Ray Rice case. Noir also claimed that “anti-gun utopia” is a world where “a mother of two kids, is faced with three years in jail for trying to protect herself, but isn’t afforded the same second chance that some knuckle-dragging hothead who ‘Tiger Uppercuts’ his fiancée into a momentary coma is given.”

On other hand, if Janay Rice owned a gun, the chances of her being shot and killed greatly increase. Women who live in states with higher gun ownership rates are nearly five times more likely to be killed by a gun. Women are also six times more likely to be shot and killed by their husband or boyfriend than a stranger.

As you might already know, the NRA is against laws the prohibit domestic abusers from purchasing or carrying guns. They believe the solution is to put guns in the hands of women. Gun control advocates, on the other hand, support laws to limit ownership for abusers.

The NRA wants an arms race in America’s living rooms. Gun control advocates want to end it.

Who is really looking out for women?

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Rand Paul Promises to Repeal All Executive Orders… Ever

The other day on his podcast, Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks bragged that he’s never been wrong when betting on the winner of presidential elections, then offered this:

“If you’ve got Rand Paul running on a ‘Let’s stop messing around in the Middle East because we’re getting killed, and it’s doing absolutely no good for us’ campaign versus Hillary Clinton’s ‘Let’s keep doing the same stupid shit we were doing before that you hated before’ campaign… If I was a betting man, and I am… right now I’d lay money on Rand Paul being the next president of the United States.”

Two things here. First, Cenk knows that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) will win the next election, more than two years before the actual election will take place. Second, Cenk still thinks Rand Paul is opposed to military action in the Middle East. How sweet.

Here’s to hoping Cenk loses a pile of money wagering on this one. As we’ve covered numerous times over the years, Rand Paul is a flip-flopping mess, and probably won’t win the Republican nomination much less the general election. He simply can’t win — meaning, he’s unable to win given how conservative GOP voters will line up against him, and he shouldn’t win because he’d be a terrible president. In addition to being a political lightweight and an empty suit, Rand Paul promised to repeal all executive orders ever issued in the history of the United States.

I think the first executive order that I would issue would be to repeal all previous executive orders.

Yep, the knucklehead who… CONTINUE READING

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Morning Awesome

R.E.M. – “Nightswimming”

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