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It’s the policies, stupid

The Defense Science Board, which one can assume is a division of the Pentagon hated by both Rummy and Georgie, released a report the day before Thanksgiving (great time to release reports! The usually alert media is even more alert … Continue reading

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Mr. Bush Goes to Canada

When was the last time you saw Canadians this angry?

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Red Cross: Torture at Guantanamo

The New York Times has learned of a confidential International Red Cross memo from this past Summer which details extensive use of torture against detainees at Guantanamo. The Red Cross also discovered violations of medical ethics, though the extent of … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Delaware River oil spill

Hundreds of birds are dead and hundreds more are coated with oil two days after a tanker dumped 30,000 gallons of oil into the Delaware River adjacent to Philadelphia. Divers have found two holes in the hull of the Tsakos … Continue reading

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Rumsfeld to be charged with war crimes

The New York based Center for Constitutional Rights is filing war crimes charges against Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenet, Undersecretary of State Stephen Cambone and seven other senior U.S. officials. The charges are being filed in Germany, which is said to … Continue reading

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Supreme Court forgoes anti-gay appeal

Poor, poor conservatives. Unable to show any sort of injury or violence at the hands of the Massachusetts court ruling which allows gay marriage, the right wing challengers’ appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court has been rejected by the justices. … Continue reading

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Publius, meet Leviticus

The second half of Meet the Press was atrocious today. The topic: separation of church & state and “moral values”. The panelists: divorced gay-bashing televangelist Jerry Falwell; Bush appointee and woman-basher Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention; anti-war anti-poverty … Continue reading

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ELECTIONS: Everyone is stupid except us

Saturday, the Ukrainian Parlaiment rejected the highly tainted results of their presidential elections amidst Pelenor Fields-sized protests, ballot stuffing accusations, exit poll irregularities, and a conventional wisdom that indicates the incumbant, Viktor Yanukovych, isn’t the favorite of the majority of … Continue reading

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Oil spill on the Delaware River

Will we ever learn? CNN is reporting that 30,000 gallons of oil leaked into the river from a tanker called “Athos 1″ which was hauling 325,000 gallons to a Citgo facility in Paulsboro, New Jersey. Coast Guard Petty Officer John … Continue reading

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