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Justice for sale

Hmmm… A bible valued at $19,000. A bust of President Lincoln worth $15,000. These and other sundried items are just some of the haul our US Supreme Court Justices took in as “gifts”. By the way, Justice Clarence Thomas took … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! And Happy New Year Bob!

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Now that Bush was finally shamed into substantially increasing American aid to Southeast Asia; the real question now is, will the lying sack of shit actually spend it? Read more here.

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Not so far apart

While Bush and the religious right repeat the idiot mantra that the terrorists “hate our freedoms”, there’s at least one thing extremist Islamic fundamentalists and extremist Christian fundamentalists can agree on: democracy is evil. In the Islamic corner, we have: … Continue reading

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Iraqi 'election' growing more farcical

Not only is the prospect of an Iraqi election growing thinner by the day, but we’re now learning that 700 voter registration employees in Mosul have resigned (link). It gets worse: the names of candidates are being kept secret. Of … Continue reading

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STOP FLOGGING OF WOMEN IN THE UAE Amnesty International has posted this urgent Action Alert. Specifically, this case revolves around two women who have been sentenced for becoming pregnant out of wedlock. Their punishment, as decided by a Shari’a (Islamic … Continue reading

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Long Term Memory Loss

Welcome back! It’s time to play, Long Term Memory Loss! Okay contestants, here we go…who said, “The President now needs to show leadership, consistently and with great clarity, from devising an exit strategy to developing favorable rules of engagement, from … Continue reading

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Speaking of Cost

We’ve spent a paltry $35 million to help the millions of people hit by the tsunamis. It’s cost $147,652,150,345 (and counting) to do things like put this 9-year old boy in the hospital. That’s nearly $150 BILLION on a lie-based … Continue reading

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How much does Jeb cost?

Much has been made on this site already about how little the U.S. cares about the victims of the tsunamis. By “cares,” I mean, of course, pays. Because talk is cheap. And talk, at this point, means Colin Powell and … Continue reading

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Iraq by the numbers; more bad news

The Houston Chronicle gives us the sobering reality of Bush’s Folly: • The U.S. military suffered at least 348 deaths in Iraq over the final four months of the year, more than in any other similar period since the invasion … Continue reading

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Torture Bad

A new memo released yesterday by the Justice Department repudiates a previous DOJ memo from August 2002 which defended (and even endorsed) torture in interrogations. The first memo was written by Alberto Gonzales, Bush’s current nominee for Attorney General. His … Continue reading

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And here comes the Christian Right

The magnitude of hate is staggering. Click “continue reading” to see a newsletter released by Reverend Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church. I originally placed this on the front page, but have moved it below the fold. It’s poison. Pure … Continue reading

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Christian Right silent over tsunamis

The Christian Right’s odd silence over the tragedies that befell southeast Asia this past weekend is truly deafening. A cursury check of their websites and blogs show not a mention of the calamity. As Bill Berkowitz at points out… … Continue reading

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NY Times blasts miserly Bush

The New York Times pounded the White House today: “The person who made that statement was very misguided and ill informed,” the president said. We beg to differ. Mr. Egeland was right on target. We hope Secretary of State Colin … Continue reading

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Tsunami relief and the 'War on Terror'

Mr. Bush’s reaction to the tsunamis in the Indian Ocean has turned out to be quite an indicator for his true motives in the “War on Terror”. The devastation in the Asian countries has the very real potential of spawning … Continue reading

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George and Osama: Endless Love

George W. Bush loves Osama bin Laden. Big, sloppy, hearts in the notebook margins man-love. Osama began the courtship by giving Bush a big gift in 2001: huge approval ratings and the support of the world. So charmed and smitten … Continue reading

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More Mad Cow

Hours after the U.S. re-opens the border with Canada for meat shipments, Canada announces that it discovered a new case of Mad Cow in it’s livestock. Read it here.

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Neocon flashback: Irvine's 'Wag the Dog'

One of the founders of the neocon movement, Reed Irvine, died last month. Those of you who have read “Republican Noise Machine” are familiar with the name. Shortly after Spiro Agnew’s 1969 speech blasting a so-called “liberal media”, Irvine became … Continue reading

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Arkansas judge kills anti-gay law

An Arkansas judge has struck down a law in that state prohibiting foster children from living in homes where gay adults reside. The AP reports that County Circuit Judge Timothy Fox ruled: the regulation seeks to regulate “public morality” – … Continue reading

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Priorities of a 'compassionate' leader

$35 million. $40 million.

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