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Osama-Zarqawi story leaked to Fox News

Yessir. Fox News got this story first — within hours of the bloodiest day in Iraq so far. The Bush Distraction Squad is back in business. Officials: Bin Laden Urges Zarqawi to Hit U.S. WASHINGTON — Recent communications between Usama … Continue reading

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Bloodbath in Iraq

125 dead, 150 wounded… And counting. Full story here. Proof that the above liquid is, indeed, blood here.

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George Bush lying to the Russians

George W. Bush in Thursday’s press conference with Pooty-Poot: I live in a transparent country. I live in a country where decisions made by government are wide open and people are able to call people to — me to account, … Continue reading

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Jurassic News

Tip courtesy The Alternate Brain via Jen Biederman.

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Los Angeles 2005

I was in Los Angeles this week and wasn’t surprised by the fact that the weather is as insane as we’ve read about. Is it weird to have lightning and thunderstorms in Los Angeles? I’ve never heard of that. But … Continue reading

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Moolahs or mullahs… What's the difference?

I caught this clip on the Daily Show. Bush, while in Germany on 2/23, said “mooolahs” instead of “mullahs”. What’s amazing is that he’s done this before in one of the debates last Fall. Listen to the clip here. Nevermind … Continue reading

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Gannon press gaggle compilation

Michael Moore has compiled video of many of Gannon’s softball questions for Scott McClellan. Prepare to be enraged here.

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Bubble Boy avoids hostile Germans

Bush’s town hall meeting in Germany has been cancelled mainly because the White House was warned that some of the Germans in attendance might ask hostile questions. Der Spiegel via dKos: The much-touted American-style “town hall” meeting the White House … Continue reading

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Religious right targeting… Shrek!

I really think the religious right are the biggest pervs imaginable. Pervs on par with the likes of Pee Wee and Bob Crane. CP Online: On its website the Traditional Values Coalition is warning parents about the cross-dressing and transgender … Continue reading

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RBN comments and spam

Just a quick internal note. Our comments area has been under attack by spammers. I wanted to keep the comments area open without having to log-in… until I had to spend two hours yesterday deleted hundreds of spam comments. So … Continue reading

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Rove, Bennett smearing the AARP

Josh Marshall is reporting that Rove has employed adulterer Bill Bennett to spread propaganda about the AARP due to their opposition to the Bush Social Security raping. And now, the American Spectator is running a ridiculous ad that demonizes both … Continue reading

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Hearts and minds

And this photo was taken in the Shiite Muslim controlled Sadr city. For the record, Shiite Muslims control the Iraqi government and are our “friends”.

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Gannon boss thanks Karl Rove

Special prosecutor NOW! In particular, I’d like to thank Terri Hillhouse and the entire GOPUSA team for their drive, dedication, and support. I’d also like to send a special thank you to all those who personally provided me with their … Continue reading

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Greatest presidents

The results of the latest Gallup “greatest presidents” poll are, what’s the word? Weird. 1. Reagan 2. Clinton 3. Lincoln 4. FDR 5. JFK 6. George W. Bush 7. George Washington 8. Jimmy Carter 9. Harry Truman 10. Teddy Roosevelt … Continue reading

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Gannon, bias, and watchdogs in the press

Newsflash: the Republican apologists for Jeff Gannon are balls-out delusional. Cliff Kincaid, of the right-wing “Accuracy in Media”, was on the Franken show this afternoon and had the nerve to compare Helen Thomas and, what he called, “bias” to the … Continue reading

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Rendered obsolete and quaint

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Rummy must resign

Sorry for stating the obvious in the headline, but now more than ever, Rumsfeld is behaving like a lunatic. A 6th grader could give better answers than these: Asked about the number of insurgents in Iraq, Rumsfeld replied: “I am … Continue reading

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Iraqi prisoner died under interrogation

Fraternity pranks, Mr. Limbaugh? Eff you. The AP: An Iraqi whose corpse was photographed with grinning U.S. soldiers at Abu Ghraib died under CIA interrogation while in a position condemned by human rights groups as torture _ suspended by his … Continue reading

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More '08 speculation

This seems to generate plenty of varied opinions, so here’s another ticket to chew on. How about: Bill Richardson / Wes Clark Discuss.

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And Bush doesn't give a flying damn

Kyoto protocol goes into effect today. And Mr. Bush is worried about a Social Security “crisis”. Bloody hell. Check this photo journal at BBC. Sad, sad, sad.

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