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Decembrists' "Sixteen Military Wives" video

I hate to use the phrase “must see”, but this music video is perfection. $6,000 budget perfection. Watch here.

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And it's only going to get worse

A BP pipeline break caused oil and gas to be spewed into roughly 200 acres of Alaskan tundra. Full story. Looking at the Hummer tank half full, at least BP is firing people for “unethical behavior”. Read all about it … Continue reading

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Finger gesture war on Hummers

Join the War on Hummers… By flipping them off. RBN bonus points for mooning Hummers carrying a single driver and no passengers. The war starts here.

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Sensenbrenner is fucked in the fucking head

Republican Congressman James Sensenbrenner is trying to up the stakes in the government’s attack on free speech. Mainly, he told the National Cable & Telecommunications Association that television indecency should be punished with criminal prosecution. “That is the way to … Continue reading

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