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They Hate Us for Our Chemical Weapons

Italian television is going to broadcast a report tonight which alleges that we used “white phosphorus” during the major assault on Fallujah. The report claims that the substance was dropped “indescriminately” on civilians and, in many cases, burned them alive. … Continue reading

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GOP's Bullshit Sympathy for the Poor Ends

This is the most pathetic news of the week (via Kos). And that’s saying a lot. The Senate approved sweeping deficit-reduction legislation last night that would save about $35 billion over the next five years by cutting federal spending on … Continue reading

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Torture Orders Came from Big Dick Cheney

Colin Powell’s chief of staff at the State Department, Lawrence Wilkerson says that the “audit trail” for the authorization of torture and ignoring the Geneva Convention came from the vice president. “I’m privy to the paperwork, both classified and unclassified, … Continue reading

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Using the wackos

Speaking of Crooked Jack Abramoff, you may have seen this little quote which, if the media really cared about scoops, would be headline material (this is from a memo by Abramoff aide Michael Scanlon): “The wackos get their information through … Continue reading

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The Bugman is gonna get whacked

Just yesterday, Tom DeLay was blaming his staff for being crime-buddies with Jack Abramoff. But what a difference a day makes! The NYT reports that there is e-mail evidence that the Bugman himself had was a criminal accomplice to Abramoff. … Continue reading

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Yo Bushie! More bad poll news

ABC News poll: Disapproval Numbers Overall: 60% Economy: 61% Iraq: 64% Health Care: 61% Understands problems of people like you? No: 66% Bush is honest and trustworthy… No: 58%. Remember his 2000 campaign? Bush intentionally misled America to the war … Continue reading

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The new Dem poster child for crime

Remember Wille Horton? He helped George H. W. Bush get elected. Not voluntarily of course. Horton was a Massachusetts-based convicted murderer who, while on a prison furlough for the weekend, killed someone . The governor of Massachusetts, who tacitly approved … Continue reading

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by email: robertcesca(at)hotmail(dot)com. At, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. … Continue reading

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Yo Bushie! 35 percent!

CBS News poll puts Das Bush at 35% approval. Several more points to drop before he’s at the Nixon resignation number.

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Secret CIA torture chambers known to Bush

The Washington Post nailed the CIA on the U.S. run Eastern European torture chambers. And — what ho! — the president knows about them and authorized them. First, the story: The CIA has been hiding and interrogating some of its … Continue reading

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Rummy getting rich off panic. Literally.

Another entry in the disgusting saga of Republicans turning fear into profit, as Fortune Magazine reports that undiagnosed mental patient Donald Rumsfeld is making a lot of money off this pesky bird flu. See, the bird flu has killed OVER … Continue reading

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Karl, the cowboys are starting to look like Indians

Trent Lott, ousted Senate Leader, had something interesting to say today on Hardball about Big Head Karl: Look, [Rove] has been very successful, very effective in the political arena. The question is should he be the Deputy Chief of Staff … Continue reading

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Alito who?

Today, Harry Reid spanked Little George and his 19th-century judge, Strip Search Alito, back below the fold. We all know Little George is doing all he can — from his early Monday morning announcement of the judge to yet more … Continue reading

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Democrats Grow Spine, Shut Down Senate!

This is unbelievable! Finally the Democrats are standing up! Yahoo News. Folks weigh in… Quotes via Americablog: AMERICABLOG: Holy shit. CNN just said that by invoking Rule 21, Reid just shut down the Senate, all 100 Senators are called to … Continue reading

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E-mail and advertising requests to: bob(at) Bob at the Huffington Post: Bob on Twitter and Facebook. Contributors: JM Ashby Mr. Brink Steven Weber Bob Cesca has been a featured contributor/columnist for the Huffington Post since August, 2005. His posts … Continue reading

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