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New footage of the Bhutto assassination which proves the Musharraf government is lying.

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Don't Do It, Mr. Mayor

Glenn Greenwald has some things to say about Mayor Bloomberg: …this is just exactly what our country desperately needs, what it is missing most — a neoconservative, combat-avoiding, Bush-supporting, Middle-East-warmonger who sees U.S. and Israeli interests as indistinguishable and inextricably … Continue reading

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The Surge Worked

The AP: A suicide bomber drove a truck rigged with explosives into a checkpoint manned by members of a U.S.-backed security volunteer group in a town north of Baghdad on Monday, killing at least 12 people, police and a member … Continue reading

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Morning Awesome

Goddamn awesome animated series of 2007: Afro-Samurai, Spike Network.

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Ron Paul's Time Machine Mega Money Mania

By Lee Stranahan.

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Huckabee On Meet The Press

Huckabee just said: “But remember that your most single — critical job is that of preserving and protecting the American people.” He’s referencing the Presidential Oath of Office here. But the oath is about “preserving and protecting” the Constitution — … Continue reading

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Morning Awesome

Goddamn awesome song of 2007: Rush, “Far Cry” from Snakes & Arrows.

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Myerstown Herald, Vol. V, No. XXXVIII

For those of you new to the site, there’s an actual weekly newspaper here in eastern Pennsylvania called The Myerstown Herald. I’ve started a mini-feud with the publisher. But that’s not the fun part. The newspaper has the most hilariously … Continue reading

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Romney's Twisted America

Mitt Romney (via Sullivan): “Our most basic civil liberty is the right to be kept alive.” In other words, “You have no civil liberties if you are dead.” In other words, screw the Constitution — the scary evildoers are going … Continue reading

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Fetch… The Comfy Chair!

This is a joke, isn’t it? Please say yes. The Pope has ordered his bishops to set up exorcism squads to tackle the rise of Satanism. Vatican chiefs are concerned at what they see as an increased interest in the … Continue reading

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Ron Paul: Banana Theorist

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron have a new ally: Happy Awesome Ron Paul! Cliff Schecter has the videotape.

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Experience Schmerience

I agree with Atrios: Adding that I think the whole “experience” debate is a stupid one. There is no job like the presidency, and candidates should be mostly evaluated on what they say they’ll do. That isn’t to say that … Continue reading

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Morning Awesome

Goddamn awesome comedy of 2007: The Simpsons Movie.

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The New York Times Hires Total Fuck-Up

Bill Kristol? BILL KRISTOL???? I know dozens of writers who are qualified to write opinion essays for the New York Times. But, alas, I guess they haven’t publicly promoted/masterminded an illegal invasion of another country which subsequently accumulated 32,000 American … Continue reading

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Fighting Them Over There

John at AMERICAblog: A new intercept purportedly shows Al Qaeda admitting they were behind Bhutto’s killing. If this is true, and let’s face it, I wouldn’t put it past the Pakistani government to start pointing fingers elsewhere, then Bush needs … Continue reading

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"I Stole Jesus"

Someone stole the Baby Jesus from a nativity scene — but this time, Jesus was packing a GPS device. Police subsequently arrested Danielle Santino, 18, of Lake Worth, Fla. and charged her with grand theft. She was still in jail … Continue reading

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Let's Go Shopping

Steven Weber: Assassinations, beheadings and torture are once again familiar rituals and routinely used terms in our modern, evolved, supposedly enlightened culture. Prevailing attitudes condone malevolence, selfishness, division, lethargy, cluelessness and violence as long as there is a profitable exchange … Continue reading

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Manger-ality! Baby Jesus wins. Flawless victory. Greek Orthodox and Armenian priests attacked each other with brooms and stones inside the Church of the Nativity as long-standing rivalries erupted in violence during holiday cleaning on Thursday. The clean-up turned ugly after … Continue reading

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Bhutto Buried Today

Is this unusual to bury someone so quickly? I’m not expecting a James Brown style tour, but are Pakistanis usually buried within 24 hours of dying? And another thing… who killed her? UPDATE: I’m told that the fast burial is … Continue reading

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Morning Awesome

Goddamn awesome movie of 2007: No Country for Old Men, written and directed by the Coen Brothers based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy. (3:10 To Yuma was also great and I haven’t seen There Will Be Blood yet.)

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