Sarah Palin on the vice presidency. October 4, 2008. FOX News Channel.

Q: One of the things you talked about last night was the flexibility the vice president has —

PALIN: Yeah.

Q: –Uh. What did you mean by that?

PALIN: Uh. That thankfully our founders were wise enough to say we have this position and it’s constitutional — vice president will be able to be not only the position flexible, but it’s gonna be those other duties as assigned by the president. A simple thing.

Let me know if you’re able to sentence structure this. Especially: “vice president will be able to be not only the position flexible.” Meanwhile, of course, she has no idea what the hell the vice president does. This is the job she’s running for and, worse, the job which around 40 percent of Americans think she’s qualified to handle. And she simply doesn’t know what the job is. I can’t stress this enough because, hey, it’s important.

Seventeen days later, she still doesn’t know.

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