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Doof Quote of the Day

“All will be forgiven if things turn out well. And it’s just possible, Donna, that the economy is not going down the drain. 94, 95 percent of all mortgages in this country are being paid off on time. Ninety-four percent … Continue reading

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Testing 1,2,3

by Stranahan Is the Mumbai attack going to be one of those foreign policy tests that Joe Biden talked about? It wasn’t manufactured to test Obama and I know he’s not even President yet but this could be a first … Continue reading

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Big Monday

Taylor Marsh confirms: I’ve confirmed with a person close to Clinton that she will indeed be in Chicago tomorrow to be nominated for Secretary of State. It’s a whole new world.

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Sunday Night Thread In America

Open thread in America. Discuss anything you want, but I’ll also give you a topic… Following the topic from yesterday, what are the last five shows your DVR or TiVO recorded? If you don’t have either device, what are your … Continue reading

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Adding to Stranahan’s post from yesterday, the notion that Jindal is the ‘Republican Obama’ amplifies how truly ridiculous and desperate the Republicans are. They’re making a huge mistake in assuming that just because Jindal is young and of unusual ethnic … Continue reading

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Cold War Gets Warmer

The India-Pakistan cold war, that is. WASHINGTON— As evidence mounts that last week’s attacks in Mumbai may have originated on Pakistani soil, American officials’ aggressive campaign to strike at militants in Pakistan may complicate efforts to prevent an Indian military … Continue reading

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Stop Worrying And Love the Deficit, Part II

Robert Kuttner tells us why: Previous Stop Worrying post. h/t Jed.

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Bill Kristol…

…Just can’t resist enabling and rewarding criminal behavior.

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Morning Awesome

Darth Vader is a jerkass. Also, light blogging today. Traveling home — but stopping through D.C. to take some pictures of the inaugural preparations.

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Reconsidering Republican Religion

by Lee Stranahan This Washington Post article suggesting that Bobby Jindal is the Republican’s answer to Obama has it exactly wrong. The piece makes it clear to me that Jindal is absolutely not the GOP’s great non-white hope but instead … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Thread

Open thread! I’ll give you a topic: hit ‘shuffle’ on your iPod and list the top 10 songs that come up. Or if you don’t have an iPod, what are you listening to these days?

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h/t Paddy

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Hard Days at the Velodrome

As a cyclist, I’m lucky enough to live within quick driving (or riding) distance from one of the last remaining velodromes in America: the Lehigh Velodrome. Accompanying this bike racing track is a bicycle park with miles of paved trails … Continue reading

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In his new Nazi movie… Tom doesn’t speak with a German accent. Seriously? That’s odd. Not sure if you follow Entourage on HBO, and if you don’t this won’t make any sense, but this is sounding more and more like … Continue reading

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This has happened before, so why does Walmart keep running sales like this?

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Matthews for Senate

So it looks like Chris Matthews is seriously considering a senate run here in Pennsylvania. Again, this obviously explains his “You know what? I want to do everything I can to make this thing work, this new Presidency work,” mission … Continue reading

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Rainbow Friday

Another plug for my wife’s Etsy store. Vintage clothing!

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Morning Awesome

MST3K Saturday! “Snow Thrills!”

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Prime Time Thread

Friday night open thread. Did anyone get trampled today at Walmart?

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Nobody Anticipated the Breach…

Krugman: A few months ago I found myself at a meeting of economists and finance officials, discussing — what else? — the crisis. There was a lot of soul-searching going on. One senior policy maker asked, “Why didn’t we see … Continue reading

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