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Saturday Night Thread

Open thread for your Saturday night blogotubing.

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One More Thought On The Fable

by Lee Stranahan Someone feel free to talk me down on this one… What keeps that Scorpion/ Frog fable quoted by Bob from being used to justify the most awful stuff in the world; like pure racism? The lesson seems … Continue reading

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On Guard!

by Lee Stranahan One of the things I love about being able to talk politics in a group blog is the back and forth. So, he’s my response to Bob. Who knows; maybe another radio thing is in order? I … Continue reading

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Afternoon Awesome

“Imagine, if you will, sitting down to your morning coffee — turning on your home computer to read the day’s newspaper…” –KRON news report from 1981 about “electronic information.” h/t Mark Frauenfelder

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A Fable for Lee

With all due respect to my friend and colleague Mr. Stranahan, I present the following fable — even though it’s become a bit of an overused thing: A scorpion and a frog met on the bank of a stream and … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

“We have bunch of idiots on Wall Street that are kicking sand in the face of the American taxpayer. They don’t get it!” —Senator McCaskill More like this one, please.

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Republican Change

by Lee Stranahan Here’s what is obvious – the Republicans have had their hand forced by outside circumstances and Steele is one result of that. The vote was an acknowledgment of what everyone knows; the GOP isn’t going win elections … Continue reading

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Weekly YouTube Address

Economic recovery, throwing shoes at Wall Street, helping with mortgages and small business loans.

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The Obamas Finally Choose A Dog!

Brooks Kraft / Corbis for TIME Oh, I’m kidding! That’s actually a Counter Assault attack dog with some guards posted near the north portico. The real reason I uploaded this photograph is that I’ve never seen this view of the … Continue reading

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Make Them Wear Diapers

NPR chatting with Senator Grassley (R-IA) about filibustering the recovery bill: SIEGEL: By the way, Senator, we always just assume that anything in the Senate requires 60 votes because there will be a filibuster threat. Is that right? Does this … Continue reading

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Morning Awesome

MST3K Saturday! “The Home Economics Story” Part 2 of 2 (Continued from last week.)

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Prime Time Thread

Open thread for mocking the constant variety of cable news hackery and whatever else is dunking your donuts. Tonight! How soon before Limbaugh tries to school Democrats on race?

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What Will Change?

The election of Michael Steele as chairman of the RNC is certainly a step in the right direction for the GOP, but what will it really change about the Republican Party? They’re still the party of racial fear-mongering and divisiveness. … Continue reading

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My Final Thought On Steele

by Lee Stranahan If you feel cynical about this, please consider these words…emphasis added, obviously… The profound mistake of Reverend Wright’s sermons is not that he spoke about racism in our society. It’s that he spoke as if our society … Continue reading

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by Lee Stranahan Michael Steele is the new head of the Republican National Committee. And he’s…ya know. What’s that thing that Rush Limbaugh keeps talking about all the time? Oh, right. He’s black. And you know what? I’m proud of … Continue reading

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One Step Closer to Robot Armageddon

Modular robots that reassemble themselves after being shattered into pieces. Yeah, it’s only a matter of time before they kill us all. Who wants robot insurance? h/t Mark Frauenfelder

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The Experiment

This week, as the Republicans have enjoyed nearly double the cable news airtime as the Democrats, I’m reminded of a theory I wrote about on the Huffington Post last Summer, comparing the cable news treatment of the parties to a … Continue reading

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The Road to 60 Votes?

President Obama could ask Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) to take the Secretary of Commerce post vacated by would-be nominee Bill Richardson. If Gregg takes the gig, New Hampshire’s Democratic governor, John Lynch, could appoint a Democrat to fill the seat. … Continue reading

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Another Reminder

Rush Limbaugh — The Leader of the Republican Party: Yep. Rush Limbaugh is calling the shots for the Republican Party. Because they haven’t quite marginalized and discredited themselves enough. The whole sordid Limbaugh vs. Parkinson’s story here.

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No Compromise

John Podesta defining the difference between “talking with” and “capitulating to” the Republicans: But I would not confuse [a dialogue with the Republicans] with an idea that he’s compromising on his big goals of trying to deal with the very … Continue reading

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