Morning Joe

In this video, you’ll hear some revealing truths from Joe Scarborough about Joe Scarborough.

First, he admits that after 9/11 he supported Bush era big government because he was afraid of another terrorist attack. So all of his various proclamations recently about having opposed the Bush administration’s government expansion and spending — not exactly the whole truth, as I surmised. My previous theory had been that Scarborough might claim to oppose the Bush Republican government expansion as a whole, but, in reality, he supported individual policies like Iraq, surveillance, the creation of the DHS, and so forth. It turns out, I was giving him too much credit. He seems to be suggesting that he supported all of it because he was scared.

Second, Scarborough appears to say that if you’re currently against torture — torture! — you’re being self-righteous. I don’t even know what to say about this. Yes, many of us were scared after 9/11, but only the truly sadistic crazies ever realistically considered torture as an option. And I don’t know anyone who’s currently engaged in self-righteous backpedalling from a previous statement of support for torture.

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