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Why Me Not President? : ‘I Meant To Do That’

Posted by Elvis Dingeldein and Redmond in Jabba Guard Disguises But Katie wasn’t interested in discussing these issues…. Instead, when I tried to describe frequent Russian incursions by figuratively referring to Vladimir Putin entering our airspace, CBS researched the Russian … Continue reading

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Steve Benen: The success of his first year will be largely dependent on the outcome of the health care debate, but Obama may soon be able to point to his first 12 months in office and say he rescued the … Continue reading

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Doof Quote of the Day

“What if one of them were a ninja? Obama could have been killed.” —Ed Schultz on the gate crashers I like Ed Schultz, but he sometimes gets caught up in these crazy cable news narratives and totally falls off the … Continue reading

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By Grabthar's Hammer, What A Savings!

The Senate healthcare reform bill looks like a really good deal for much of the individual market. Ezra Klein summarizes today’s CBO analysis on costs: The CBO estimates that 57 percent of people in the individual market will receive subsidies … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney for President

Jon Meacham thinks Cheney should run in 2012. John Cole is calling it Dickmentum. And, of course, we all know why Meacham is pitching Cheney. The Drama! Imagine candidate Cheney running against President Obama. The news coverage would be like … Continue reading

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Undermining the Commander-in-Chief

Sullivan on the president’s Afghanistan strategy: If he does the full metal neocon as he is being urged to, he should not be deluded in believing the GOP will in any way support him. They will oppose him every step … Continue reading

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Change We Can Believe In

Monsanto is going to be investigated by the Justice Department for anti-trust violations. During the Bush administration, the Justice Department did not file a single case under antimonopoly laws regulating a dominant firm. But that stretch seems unlikely to continue. … Continue reading

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You haven’t seen much Afghanistan blogging here because it’s an impossible situation and it’s difficult for me to see any upside to this thing. Whatsoever. There’s obviously a case, though, for the fact that the previous administration screwed it up … Continue reading

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Wingnuts Endangering Children Again

World Net Daily has “outed” a high school musical — and named the school. In effect, putting a gigantic target on every student in the play. The lack of responsibility in lieu of red meat is staggering. Between Malkin stalking … Continue reading

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Morning Awesome

The Muppets – “Bohemian Rhapsody”

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Super Stupid

Fox News thinks President Obama traveled back in time using his Muslim-Hitler-Commie Flux Capacitor and somehow passed the FY09 budget before he was actually elected president. Fox News is smart!

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More Excellent News for the Unemployed

COBRA subsidies are about to go away. Happy Holidays! Unless Congress moves swiftly to extend the benefit, millions of other jobless Americans will experience the same sticker shock when they exhaust their subsidies and must pay full health insurance premiums, … Continue reading

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That Party Crasher Couple

I get it. The party crasher couple is good news for the Republicans because it shows the Obama administration is weak on — I don’t know — middle-aged socialite reality show people (aka. “terrorists”) who sneak into State Dinners? Now, … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin goes rogue again: Sarah Palin dropped out of a 5k race on Thanksgiving Day in Kennewick, Wash. The former vice presidential candidate and Alaska Governor quit the race because she wanted to avoid the crowds that were waiting … Continue reading

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Morning Awesome

Nuclear Free City – “Asleep at the Wheel”

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The Climate Crisis Is Real

Wingnuts are bombarding me via email about the leaked climate scientist emails allegedly proving that global warming is a hoax. Of course that’s not what the emails suggest and, once again, we have morons like Glenn Beck interpreting a casual … Continue reading

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The results of this Research 2000 poll are a little alarming. QUESTION: In the 2010 Congressional elections will you definitely vote, probably vote, not likely vote, or definitely will not vote? Republican Voters: 81/14 Independent Voters: 65/23 DEMOCRATIC VOTERS: 56/40 … Continue reading

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Ignore the Republicans On This

The administration and the Democrats are moving closer to passing a new jobs bill. Reporting from Washington – Troubled by the rising jobless rate, President Obama and the Democratic majority in Congress are assembling a new jobs package that would … Continue reading

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Morning Awesome

MST3K Saturday – “Boggy Creek II”

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The Top Five Republican Distortions of 2009

Oddly enough, this list from TPM made me laugh out loud. I know! I should be outraged, but it made me laugh. What can I say. It also reminded me of my interpretation of Paul Ryan’s ridiculous spending graph.

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