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The Discussion Is Postponed

Artist – David Fitzsimmons In other news, a new report issued by the The Boston Consulting Group finds that 1% of households now own roughly 39% of the entire planet’s wealth. Tonight — Game 1 of the Dallas Maverick vs … Continue reading

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Rick Scott Strikes Again

Today is another day of stickin’ it to The Man in Rick Scott’s Florida. And by The Man I mean poor people. Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) signed legislation into law on Tuesday that requires anyone applying for temporary government … Continue reading

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Allen West on DADT: Gays Can Change

At an event hosted by the Heritage Foundation during which Rep. Allen West said we should expand our national defense budget rather than shrink it because the troops can’t afford toilet paper, West also went on to decry the repeal … Continue reading

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Rick Scott Vetoes PBS

The budget of the state of Florida is $67 billion dollars, and while Governor Rick Scott already signed nearly one billion dollars in cuts to programs such as aid for homeless veterans, meals for poor seniors, a council for deafness, … Continue reading

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Roger Ailes Fears 'Those Gays'

The new report in Rolling Stone about Fox News Channel’s Roger Ailes and why he has a bomb-proof office: Murdoch installed Ailes in the corner office on Fox’s second floor at 1211 Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan. The location … Continue reading

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Pawlenty: President Obama is a Doofus

I’m not being cute with that headline. Pawlenty literally called the president a doofus. “We don’t have 20 years, we don’t have time for more status quo politicians to just come here and say, we don’t have to make any … Continue reading

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Weiner Gate

Andrew Breitbart is investigating the most serious issues. Not the economy or the climate crisis or even the hostilities in Syria. Nope — Breitbart is delving into whether or not Anthony Weiner tried to send a pseudo-crotch-shot via Twitter. And … Continue reading

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Morning Awesome

Feist – “Honey Honey”

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Unconditional Aid

Artist – David Fitzsimmons In other news, Germany declared plans today to replace all of the nation’s nuclear power generation with renewable sources by 2022, and Mitt Romney is committing political-suicide by saying health is more important than his career. … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

The charge of the 20th Maine from the movie Gettysburg. I’m looking forward to tonight’s premiere of Ridley Scott’s take on the battle for the History channel, but I doubt there will be a scene as stirring as this one. … Continue reading

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The Republicans vs. Lazarus

Arguably, the only successful program George W. Bush was responsible for was PEPFAR — a program to provide AIDS relief to Africa. Michael Gerson via Steve Benen: In 2003, Bush started the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR … Continue reading

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Doof Quote of the Day

“I love that smell of the emissions.” Sarah Palin while riding on the back of a motorcycle in Washington, DC Most people who dig motorcycling talk about the freedom of the open road, the wind in their hair and the … Continue reading

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Morning Awesome

Neko Case – “Behind the House” Live on Austin City Limits

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Testing The Waters

Artist – Jimmy Margulies In other news, Scott Walker appeared on Fox News this Friday to reiterate that a court ruling which voided his union-busting legislation will not get in the way of his hunt for the great white whale. … Continue reading

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Of Course She Can Win

Of course Sarah Palin could defeat President Obama in a presidential election says John McCain, but she may decide not to. How convenient is that? Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has no doubt that his former running mate Sarah Palin can … Continue reading

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Crazy Quote of the Day

“I get accused of defending Andrew because I work with him. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s my chosen destiny to be friends with the modern day First Amendment hero.” Lee Stranahan So if I produce scam videos … Continue reading

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Fat Jesus Overruled by New Jersey Senate

I doubt he’ll sign the legislation, but the New Jersey state senate voted to restore family planning funding that Chris Christie cut from the budget. The state Senate has passed a bill to restore $7.45 million in funding for family … Continue reading

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Morning Awesome

The Pretenders – “Brass In Pocket” (Live)

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The Palin Bus Tour

Artist – Dave Granlund In other news, the superintendent of Ithaca, Michigan schools is personally amused by the fact the he would have an easier time finding new sources of funding if he turned his schools into prisons. Funny guy. … Continue reading

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Another Day in Rick Scott’s Florida

Governor Rick Scott of Florida attended a budget-signing ceremony at a retirement village on Wednesday where he signed into law a self-described “jobs budget” which may lead to the elimination of as many as 4,500 state employees by cutting $615 … Continue reading

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