Thom Hartmann Kicks Ass

You must watch this. Thom Hartmann destroys Fox Business Channel’s war on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

As Chez wrote, this is required viewing.

One of these days, Hartmann will be regarded as both the brain, historian and, dare I say, soul of the progressive movement.

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  • John Michael Hall

    Actually, the rich and powerful are the makers and takers. They’re taking all the money and they’re making the lives of the working class and poor miserable.

  • muselet

    I can live without the air quotes (it’s a personal quirk; I have to restrain myself from breaking the fingers of adults who use them), but Thom Hartmann was very effective at exposing FBC’s lies. It’s just too bad that this video won’t be seen by more people.


  • Corebela

    Wow this real shows how a third of America is just full of completely delusional people who have no fucking right to run anything let alone a country or the most important country in the world!

  • rgbyref

    He may be “heart, soul, and brain” but we need a more effective spokesman. Most of those you want to convert would have lost interest after two minutes.

  • Extreme Liberal

    That was excellent.