CNN is Very Serious

Actual CNN headline:

Kim K. gets X-ray to prove her butt’s real

I can’t believe I accused American cable news of being stupid and shallow.

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  • muselet

    Kim who?


  • Josh Dobbin

    And the Halpern “dick” thing on MSNBC. Which, of course, the media is taking the wrong outrage to. The *word* isn’t the problem. The problem is that this guy is presented as an unbiased media analyst who controls what is considered “conventional wisdom.”

    And he thinks the President is dick because he began to stand up to the insanity of the Republican opposition that, if not treasonous, is at least nihilistic.

    I’m really interested to see if Keith covers this tonight or how he addresses MORNING JOE. He tee’ed up Markos to deliver some much needed Joe-Scarborough reality-talking, to get at the behind the scenes politics of MSNBC at the managerial level.

    I know Keith probably has a line of decorum he decides to hold himself to concerning past work-place dynamics that he will skirt up to and flirt with going over, but I really wish he’d just run right over it in this instance.

    He’s in a unique position to comment on it.

  • Bob Olivarez

    I don’t watch CNN, MSNBC, Faux or any other msm outlet. Now, if they actually started asking serious questions instead of constantly trying to get ratings, I might change my mind. But the media certainly isn’t liberal…it is more neutral to a fault.
    And the above headline makes me right.

  • Corebela

    At least it’s in the entertainment section…. If it was a front page headline that would be different. For all I know it could have been.

  • trgahan

    Well? Was it real or not?

  • Alan Fors

    I heard the X-ray showed a cavity.