Quote of the Day

“Fuck it, I don’t care what you think. I’m trying to do the right thing.” Republican state senator from New York Roy McDonald who voted to legalize same-sex marriage

Congratulations, New Yorkers!

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  • Robert Scalzi

    Thank You state Sen McDonald for your bravery…..

    YEAH !!!! this ruling is so fucking AWESOME !! this will be one of the most festive Pride weekends in Ages , Thank you New York.

    to those that are opposed to Gay marriage, don’t marry one.

    To those that think this will destroy the institution of marriage I have to say

    “thousands of straight couples have done a pretty fucking good job of destroying it already”

  • trgahan

    What does it speak to when a Republican breaks with his party on a very fundamental campaign issue, saying it was the “right thing to do?”

    Hopefully this is a beginning of the end of this issue and not the beginning of another ridiculous backlash.

  • BuffaloBuckeye

    Well said, Senator McDonald. Could not have been put any better. In the immortal words of VP Biden, “This is a ……”

  • laddieluv

    A rethug with a spine.

    And the ability to do the right thing. No matter the backlash from his mentally-ill goper/bagger/wing nut party pals.

    Has he.ll frozen over? grins. (Be still my heart.)

  • gescove

    It is heartening to see that stock Republican phrase “Fuck it, I don’t care what you think…” in the service of something good for once. Good work, New York.