The Enthusiasm Gap

Democrats often have problems with voter apathy and lackluster levels of enthusiasm, but nothing compared to this!

According to a new NYTimes/CBS poll, 71% of Republicans would like to see someone new enter the Republican presidential race, and only 23% are satisfied with the current crop of candidates.

The numbers for enthusiasm are even more wild.

When looking at these numbers, it leads me to question whether or not the Republican nominee is even in the race yet. If he or she is, the enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats in 2012 is likely to be astonishing.

Recent polling shows that President Obama’s approval rating among Democratic voters may be as high as 80%.

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  • Robert Scalzi

    Ahhh …Now that is music to my rock and roll damaged ears !!!!

    • Heepbb Heep

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  • D_C_Wilson


    Let the nominee be Bachmann or Palin.

  • John Conner

    I posted a poll on my blog on the other day saying people that helped put Rick Snyder and the Republicans in charge in the last election will be less likely to vote Republican next year.

  • Bob Rutledge

    Oh, don’t you worry. Once it’s “One of the Above (or some as yet unnamed candidate) -V- Teh Skeery Black Man in OUR House” they’ll be a whole bunch more enTHOOsiastic.

    • John Conner

      There’s always gonna be that 25 to 30% that will vote that way but here what’s different this time around a lot of these battle ground states have very unpopular Republican governors and those state governments are going after the middle class white people and programs they like. They may hate the negro in the White House but they hate what’s happening to them directly more.

      • incredulous72

        We can only hope.

  • cousinavi

    Numbers like those are a siren call to the Abominable Snow Snooki

  • gocart mozart

    Fred Thompson will come to the rescue. feel the Fredmentum!