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Darth Vader’s Book Tour

Artist – Brian Fairrington In other news, a new poll shows public support for same-sex marriage has increased 10 percent since 2010, and President Obama plans to address a joint session of congress on September 7th to unveil his economic … Continue reading

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What Would Cantor Do?

What would Jesus Eric Cantor do in the face of a disaster for which relief funding must be approved? If it were the Eric Cantor of 2004, he would vote against holding relief hostage. [A] bemused Democratic source notes that … Continue reading

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DOJ Seeks To Block AT&T’s T-Mobile Takeover

The Department of Justice has filed an anti-trust lawsuit to block the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile by citing the potential monopolizing power of the new super-telecom. The U.S. Justice Department announced Wednesday it would seek to block AT&T’s $39 … Continue reading

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The Most Anti-Business Administration Ever

Well, not really. Not that this comes as a shock, but the CEOs of some of the nations largest corporations received higher salaries last year than their respective companies paid in taxes. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Twenty-five of the 100 highest … Continue reading

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Two Victories for Pro-Choice Advocates

A federal judge struck down Rick W. Perry’s anti-abortion legislation today which would have required women to view a sonogram and listen to heartbeats before they would be permitted to obtain an abortion in the state of Texas. SAN ANTONIO, … Continue reading

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Sorry, Red States, Hope You Didn't Need This

Missouri, Tennessee and Alabama should probably start calling Eric Cantor’s office right about now. Cleaning up after Hurricane Irene could cost billions, but FEMA has less than $800 million in its coffers. So the Federal Emergency Management Agency is freezing … Continue reading

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Stop Oppressing Whitey!

MSNBC’s kindly old grampy character, Pat Buchanan, continues to believe that white people — 70 percent of the population and rulers of the world for thousands of years — are being oppressed. MSNBC contributor Pat Buchanan took his white man’s … Continue reading

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Morning Awesome

Gratuitous sex song theme week continues with ACDC and “You Shook Me All Night Long”.

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Divine Mentalist

Artist – David Fitzsimmons In other news, Fox host Charles Payne wishes Bill Nye “The Science Guy” would quit confusing his viewers with all of that outlandish science-talk, and the Center for Responsive Politics is now predicting the 2012 election … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, From Another Universe

Dick Cheney is not of this world. “I don’t think that it damaged our reputation around the world,” Cheney said of Iraq. “I just don’t believe that. I think critics here at home would argue that.” The only way you … Continue reading

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The Myth of Moderates

A broad survey of GOP voters in South Carolina, where Rick Perry is now firmly in the lead, adds credence to anyone who is skeptical that moderates actually exist within the Republican party as the poll shows Mitt Romney trailing … Continue reading

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Moment of Derp

Is President Obama the real dummy? Sean Hannity and his expert guest, Tucker Carlson, tackle the tough questions. This is quite remarkable. Holy shit! He mispronounced corpsman! Why the hell did we elect him!? Sean Hannity is very efficient. I’ll … Continue reading

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More People are Buying Shit They Don't Need

Despite my snarky headline, this is good news for the economic recovery: Consumer spending in the United States rebounded strongly in July to post the largest increase in five months on strong demand for motor vehicles, a government report showed … Continue reading

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The (Tea) Party is Over

The fringe just became fringier. Americans are totally over their love affair with the tea party nonsense. Polls have been showing a drop in its approval, and a new AP/GfK poll shows that its unfavorable rating has seen a sharp … Continue reading

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Very Serious Question

(I haven’t done one of these in a while.) So how many small government tea party Republicans, who hate federal government interference in anything, complained about President Obama’s response to Hurricare Irene and insisted that he should have done more?

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'Melanin is Thicker Than Water'

Rush Limbaugh hates President Obama because he’s a liberal and hating liberals is good money on AM talk radio. But make no mistake, Limbaugh hates President Obama because the president is black — and racism is good money on AM … Continue reading

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Morning Awesome

Sex song theme week continues with Red Hot Chili Peppers and “Suck My Kiss”. I’m still up to my assneck in boxes and my internets aren’t set up, but we’re into our new place. Sporadic blogging today…

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Romney’s Unemployment Solution

Artist – Monte Wolverton In other news, a federal judge has issued a temporary injunction against Alabama’s version of “papers please,” and president Obama nominated Princeton professor Alan Krueger to lead the White House Council of Economic Advisers. Kreugar is … Continue reading

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Cantor Repeats Plan To Hold Hurricane Relief Hostage

House Majority Shitkicker Eric Cantor reiterated his position on Fixed News today that we will have to find savings elsewhere before we can lift a finger to aid those who have lost everything or begin rebuilding the areas of the … Continue reading

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Rick W. Perry Really Dislikes Washington

Rick Perry really dislikes Washington. That’s why he’s running for President. Or something. (Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry on Thursday described Washington as “a seedy place” while defending what he said was his manner of speaking plainly. […] … Continue reading

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