Morning Awesome

Tom Petty theme week wraps up with The Traveling Wilburys and “End of the Line”.

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  • ranger11

    Looks like it’s been removed.

    • muselet

      It plays now.


  • muselet

    As a rule, “supergroups” aren’t. The Traveling Wilburys were, even though they didn’t think so. They thought of themselves as a bunch of musicians having a laugh, jamming together.

    Good stuff.


    • peonyharp

      I agree wholeheartedly!

  • Marsha Hunt

    Thank you! What a great video! As muslet said, Wilburys really were a “supergroup”! Too bad Roy was gone by the time the video was made, but his voice just soars!

    Newer Tom Petty: (Saving Grace — one of the best tunes from “Highway Companion”

    (love My Sweet George…)