The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show, 9/2/11

Bob’s Crappy Day; Footloose Rebooted; Ten Mile Oil Slick; Outrage Fatigue; Food Reform and Eating Habits; The President’s Jobs Proposal; Divided Government; Al Sharpton Train Wreck; Repubican Socialism; and much more! Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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  • Robert Scalzi

    Saw this little tidbit this Am, Joe Walsh (Rtp) To Skip Obama Jobs Speech, Calls President ‘Idiotic’ this comes from a guy that owes his ex and kids over a hundred grand in support payments. The only place congressmeatbag Walsh ought to be if he’s not @ the speech is in Prison. teh audacity of these traitors is mind boggling, it’s way too much to take this early in the am (it’s 7 am here)
    Dammit I reallly didn’t want to start “medicating ” until after noon, oh well gotta do what I gotta do ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • muselet

    Phytoestrogens aren’t much of a problem for adults unless you’re exposed regularly to high doses by, say, eating lots of tofu (people in Asia have evolved an insensitivity to soy phytoestrogens); they are a huge problem for children, however. If you have pre-pubescent boys, a diet high in soy products is probably not a great idea and don’t use products containing lavender or tea tree oils on them unless you want to know learn what gynecomastia is; it’s probably a good idea to keep them away from girls, too.

    I had to renew my driver license earlier this year, and the people at the DMV office I went to were all polite and helpful. Of course, I always make a point of being nice to people doing lousy jobs (cashiers, DMV and Post Office employees, laborers, &c.), so that may have made a difference.

    The polls do show that people want the president to compromise to get something done; however, they also show that people increasingly want the president to fight. This, just in time for President Obama’s reelection campaign.

    Chris Christie in a track suit. *shudders* Chez, do you have any brain bleach you can spare?


  • VincentNunes

    Bob, Chez – this show was rock and rolla!

    Honestly – you boys coined the term “Outrage Fatigue”, and I may need to co-opt it for a blog posting.

    Your comments about blogging, cyberstalkers and other CHUDs is on the money.