The Great Right Hope

“It’s like your ideal candidate is a rare, super-heavy element that can only exist in a particle accelerator, and even then only for a fraction of a second.”

I would only add that Rick Perry is still the front-runner, according to a poll released yesterday. He’s simply leading by 7 points now instead of 12.

Rick Perry will remain the front-runner as long as he remains the most appealing option for the Lunatic Base. And at this point, who else could usurp that distinguishable position?

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  • trgahan

    Another election, another series of “they lost a few points, they’re dead!/They gained a few points, they’re unbeatable!” news stories about each canidate. I am still leaning towards its Perry’s to loose unless the RNC leadership steps in and says “Sorry, but we really want Romney this time around.”

  • bphoon