Best Person in the World

At the risk of sounding mushy and cheesy, there have been two people on the national stage recently who have genuinely touched and inspired me. Captain Chesley Sullenberger and Rep. Gabby Giffords. Both represent the best of America and, indeed, the best of humanity.

I challenge you to not get choked up a little watching this:

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  • incredulous72

    You go right ahead with your cheesy mush, Bob; I teared up too. ;-)

  • Jeanabella

    Thanks for your honesty Bob!

  • gescove

    Damn it. Lost the challenge.

  • IrishGrrrl

    Yep, me too! I wrote on my blog, and I’ll repeat it here, that she is an amazing woman, so resilient and so determined. And on top of all that, look how good she looked…I mean for someone who was shot in the head, she is still very pretty. She is just extraordinary.

  • mrbrink

    So, not the homeless guy with the golden voice?

    Or Rand Paul with his obviously innumerable mental disorders exchanging that heartwarming thumbs up with his dad on the campaign trail?

    Every time I see Capt. Sully I want to follow him like running Gump.

    And Gabby Giffords…can’t kill us all, nutjobs.