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Morning Awesome

Theme week: “My Favorite ’80s Pop Songs”. This is Huey Lewis and the News and “The Power of Love”.

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Opposed to Winning

Artist – David Fitzsimmons In other news, a new poll out today reveals something which Democrats, Republicans, and Independents can all agree on — that Rush Limbaugh is the worst person in the entertainment-news industry, followed by Bill O’ and … Continue reading

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The Trees, and the Tales, Are Tall in Michigan

Mitt Romney loves tall trees, among other things. Apparently he also loves tall tales about his childhood that didn’t actually happen. DETROIT—When Mitt Romney regaled a Michigan audience this week with childhood memories of a landmark moment in Detroit history, … Continue reading

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During his address to the National Governor’s Association today, President Obama reiterated the need to provide an education to those who seek it because the health of the economy and America’s future depend on it. “No issue will have a … Continue reading

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Scott Walker: Someone Think of the Children!

According to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the roughly $9 million being spent on his recall election is going to cost the state dearly and will lead to children and seniors going without help. A claim which would be more credible … Continue reading

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Doof Quote(s) of the Day

If Mitt Romney’s objective is to convince voters that he is not a cyborg, he isn’t doing himself any favors. “Not as closely as some of the most ardent fans. But I have some great friends that are NASCAR team … Continue reading

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Not Good Enough, Politifact

Politifact has walked back their ruling on Marco Rubio’s “a majority of Americans are conservative” statement after Maddow debunked it using Politifact’s own facts. PolitiFact has revised its piece from Feb. 14, which found U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio’s contention that … Continue reading

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Mandatory TV Viewing

PBS has produced a wonderful documentary based on Douglas Blackmon’s groundbreaking book, Slavery By Another Name. The story reveals the unspoken history of “neo-slavery” in America — a phenomenon that lasted until around World War II. African Americans by the … Continue reading

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State Sponsored Rape in Alabama

Alabama — shocker — is picking up where Virginia left off. WASHINGTON — Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley (R) said Sunday morning that he has just learned about the transvaginal ultrasound bill pending in the state legislature and has not studied … Continue reading

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'What A F**king Mess'

Ed Rollins on the Republican Party at the moment: “Six months before this thing got going, every Republican I know was saying, ‘We’re gonna win, we’re gonna beat Obama.’ Now even those who’ve endorsed Romney say, ‘My God, what a … Continue reading

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Morning Awesome

“My Favorite ’80s Pop Songs” theme week continues with The Power Station and “Some Like It Hot”.

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The Old Standards

Artist – John Darkow In other news, the death toll from Quran-burning protests now stands at 30. KABUL, Afghanistan — Demonstrators hurled grenades at a U.S. base in northern Afghanistan, and a gun battle left two Afghans dead and seven … Continue reading

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We Don't Need No Education

Santorum playing the “duh” card. “President Obama once said he wants everybody in America to go to college,” Santorum sniped. “What a snob!” He’s also playing the “colleges are indoctrinating more liberals” card. He said that at many colleges, conservative … Continue reading

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Why Was Romney's Stadium So Empty?

TPM investigates. But this quote from a Romney spokesperson really doesn’t help their cause: “I am just sick that this has become an issue where there is none. We were thrilled with turnout.” […] “I was there. And it was … Continue reading

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Rick Santorum is a Dangerous Demagogue

Rick Santorum is dangerous. There’s no other way to put it. He’s now saying things that could literally lead to the deaths of more service members serving in Afghanistan right now. Speaking in Marquette, Michigan, Sunday, Rick Santorum addressed an … Continue reading

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Guess What Makes Santorum Throw Up

Give up? The establishment clause makes Santorum “want to throw up.” “I don’t believe in an America where the separation of church and state are absolute,” he told ‘This Week’ host George Stephanopoulos. “The idea that the church can have … Continue reading

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Headline of the Week

HA! And gross. No indication that it was deliberate.

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Dow 200,000

It looks as though the Republicans have found their plan of attack against the president on the economy. If it wasn’t for the president, GDP would be growing at 10 percent per quarter and the Dow would be at 200,000. … Continue reading

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Morning Awesome

It’s a “My Favorite ’80s Pop Songs” theme week. Here’s The Hooters – “And We Danced”. Bear in mind these aren’t my favorite songs from the 1980s — full stop — they’re my favorite pop songs.

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None of the Above

Artist – Rick McKee In other news, Pennsylvania is picking up where Virginia left off in the War on Women. Right now, a similar but even worse bill is poised to strike Pennsylvania women courtesy of the Pennsylvania House of … Continue reading

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