Virginia Republicans and Their Vaginal Probe

Here’s what Virginia Republicans will require if you happen to need abortion services. The transvaginal ultrasound transducer:

Am I being hyperbolic or is this a form of legislative rape?

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  • JMAshby

    No, it’s not hyperbolic. I think it actually fits the definition of rape.

    And that’s the point. They know there’s no medical reason for it. It’s all about intimidation.

    This is no different than Egyptian secret police applying virginity tests.

  • KQµårk™

    No Mr. Cesca it’s not hyperbole at all. It’s rape with a foreign object when the women does not want the procedure. Believe me I hate when people use hyperbole but forcing this procedure on woman is a form of rape.

    No means no!

  • IrishGrrrl

    The absurdity of a bunch of non-medical legislators specifically requiring an invasive device is just too much. They absolutely mean to make the process as offensive and off-putting as possible. Yes, I think it fits the definition of rape. If it becomes law, the minute it does, the ACLU or NOW or both need to have a lawsuit and injunction ready to file. Disgusting….

  • LK3

    Excuse my language but holy $%^$….these are some seriously ill men.
    I know I say it to myself a million times but how on earth are there any Republican women voters? It truly is a mystery

  • Patrick Malone

    The GOP.
    Making government small enough to fit into a vagina.

  • gescove

    Not hyperbole. Not medically necessary. Done without the women’s consent. Vaginal penetration with a foreign object. This is state-sanctioned rape and it is abhorrent.

  • Nancie Mcauley

    And we’ll pay for the privilege.

  • Brutlyhonest

    Like Nancie Mcauley points out, the women being violated will have to pay for the procedure. Also, too: The VA senator who keeps introducing this legislation is purportedly a woman.

  • Miranda

    Surely someone will file for an injunction of this foolishness – God, I hope so.

  • mattpd

    oh my…that is just terrible. what have we come to in this country.

  • Kathleen Wroblewski

    FBI, just in time Rape is Rape !! Republican Vaginal Taliban