Worst Persons in the World

The Daily Caller released a series of Trayvon Martin’s tweets yesterday, and once again the far-right is attacking and attempting to discredit an innocent child — and this time, the child happens to be dead.

So classy, these people.

Limbaugh and Beck attacked Malia Obama, Malkin stalked Graeme Frost and others — there are literally dozens of examples of the Fox News / AM radio crowd attacking children and noncombatants like Sandra Fluke. Why? Because they’re bullies and scavengers who can only prey upon easy targets.

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  • Username1016

    Saw something in this morning’s paper to the effect that Trayvon had been suspended from school for having traces of marijuana in a baggie in his backpack. And so effing what? I asked myself. That doesn’t lend one shred of justification to MURDERING him.

    • muselet

      ABC News made a big deal of that last night, too. *sigh*