Hero of the Week

Dammit, how did we miss this? Future President of the United States (and current Mayor of Newark, New Jersey) Cory Booker continues to kick all kinds of ass. Not only does he spend his winters personally filling pot holes and shoveling cars out of snow banks, but this week he literally rescued someone from a burning building.

NEWARK, N.J. — In a smoky stairwell, with embers falling from the ceiling and his neighbor slung over his shoulder, Cory Booker called it his “proverbial come to Jesus moment.”

The mayor of New Jersey’s largest city was carrying out a constituent he had rushed into a burning home to save, first pushing aside his security detail who tried to hold him back by his belt. He didn’t feel like a hero: “I felt terror,” he told reporters on Friday, holding a children’s fire safety video with his burned, bandaged right hand.

The 42-year-old mayor, who has dug out snowbound residents in a blizzard, lived in a rundown housing project to make a point and tagged along on police patrols to lecture drug dealers, took on a new status Friday: the politician who can do almost anything.

Chris Christie can barely climb out of his helicopter without a forklift and Booker is rescuing people from death. I’m looking forward to watching Booker electorally humiliate Christie one of these days.

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  • deacrick

    exploded on twitter too funny

    @curtjazz wrote: Ghosts sit around the campfire and tell Cory Booker Stories

    @MilesGrant wrote: When Chuck Norris has nightmares, Cory Booker turns on the light & sits with him until he falls back asleep.

  • http://twitter.com/KQuark KQµårk™

    I’ve been following Cory Booker’s career for a while and he’s an inspiring pol and now a hero. But he’s more centrist than Obama so I think the emoprogs would never accept him.

    • eljefejeff

      Pretty much all I know about him is this story and the time he passionately argued for gay rights, so at least in that sense he’s prog enough. how is he centrist?

  • andrewdski

    A lot of other guys would have said: “Go into a burning house? I’m the mayor for pete’s sake.” Ok, maybe I had one guy in particular in mind, but seriously.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    (Chris Christie can barely climb out of his helicopter without a forklift and Booker is rescuing people from death. I’m looking forward to watching Booker electorally humiliate Christie one of these days.)

    Not if the Republican propoganda machine has anything to say about it. At the very least, they’ll try and spin this by saying Booker is just showing off to score points with the public and that Christie would have put out that fire by bellyflopping it. Or, they’ll come up with some spooky beware-of-the-dark-skinned-person-who-wants-to-rule-your-lives.

  • eljefejeff

    let’s not call him future president yet, but this is a great story. I want him to run against Christie for gov next year.

  • http://www.broadwaycarl.com Broadway Carl

    Just to give some more specifics on the story, it’s not like he was doing a ride along with the fire department. Booker was going home late and his next door neighbor’s house was on fire. He pulled her out on his shoulders and she was treated for second degree burns on her back and neck and he for smoke inhalation.

    I would love for Booker to run for Governor and kick Tony Soprano’s ass all over Trenton, but it’ll be a harder feat than you’d think. Jabba the Governor is enjoying his highest approval ratings ever.
    This after he blew a $400 million education grant and killed the tunnel project three years into it’s run. What does he have to do to plummet back to earth, eat a baby?!