Artist – Monte Wolverton

In other news, according to a report form Roll Call, Speaker Boehner is planning to attach the Keystone XL pipeline to the next 90-day extension of the transportation funding bill.

They’ll never stop fucking that chicken.

If you live in the Midwest, keep an eye on the weather tonight.

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  • ClaraCWhitsett

    Haha great comic

    • Virginia Lantry


  • JackDaniel07

    Today our local news station, non-FOX-affiliate, showed “Poll Results” reflecting Romney beating Obama by 2-3 points. Liberal media.

    • ranger11

      It sounds like they used the Fox poll where Romney’s ahead by that margin. I read somewhere that it was a crap poll where they oversampled Republicans. Surprising being that it’s a Fox poll and all….

  • Kava Powder

    haha, funny one