Moment of Derp

This is a sight to behold.

Politico’s chief political analyst hadn’t heard of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the first major piece of legislation signed into law by our first black president, until this week.

It’s no wonder how the beltway press is so easily played by the “both sides are the same” meme.

I look forward to expert analysis of the War on Women from someone who can’t even see the goal posts. Okay not really.

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  • gescove

    Is any further proof needed that we can all simply ignore Politico?

  • muselet

    If he’s this badly informed, what in the sphincter of hell is Roger Simon analyzing?


  • Username1016

    Ask any working woman about the Lily Ledbetter act! We’re ALL showing our hands, dumbass.

  • Doran

    Politico is such a joke. The fact they get any respect among the press corp says volumes about the state of journalism these days.

  • Sean Richardson

    Ashby – both this and the reaction to the ACA would seem to absolutely confirm that Republicans are against everything the president does without even reading to find out specifically what he does, or what the things he’s doing actually do.

  • Kerry Reid

    Wow, that would be like a financial reporter — say, Maria Bartiromo — not knowing that people under 65 can’t get Medicare. In-Con-CEIV-able!