That Thing I Wrote About 'The Five' Being Dumb?

Eric Bolling’s response tweet totally vindicates me.

A TGI Fridays reference. The only way this could have been more lame is if he had written it in the form of a “NOT!” joke.

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  • nicole

    I saw that. What a freaking jerk that guy is.

  • JMAshby

    The pay may not be as good, but there’s more dignity in busing tables at TGI Friday’s than there is co-hosting The Five.

    Bolling is a member of the practice-squad strutting down main street like he’s a starting player, all the while people are laughing behind his back.

  • Camel54

    You should point out to him that you hope his obvious disrespect and condescension toward those in the food service industry doesn’t lead to his food being contaminated.

    For the record, from those of us who once bussed tables and flipped burgers to help our parents pay bills when their jobs weren’t enough, we’d be proud to have the likes of Cesca in our ranks.

    • muselet

      I think Eric Bolling is just begging for some snotchos, don’t you?


  • Torsloke

    I thought you worked the salad bar at David Brooks’ Appleby’s.

  • schemata

    Douchebag on teevee by day. Douchebag in general by night. Eric Bolling, SuperDouche

  • Ryan Carson

    so the opposite of funny

  • drsquid

    One difference between working at Friday’s and at Fox News is you won’t be blacklisted from working another job if you’re at Friday’s.

  • Jane Phillips

    It stings, but don’t give feces flingers any attention by re-posting. You know this. Your essays outrun anything Bolling could copy and paste from Public Policy for Dummies.

  • Bubble Genius

    Aaaahahahahahaaaaaa! What a maroon.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Cool, you got under that racist lounge lizard’s skin. Way to go, Bob.