Karl Rove and the Virginia Senate Race

I spent a considerable part of my vacation in Virginia and guess what? Crossroads GPS, Rove’s outfit, is all over television there. I mean literally. It seemed like every time I turned on the TV there was another commercial talking about how Tim Kaine is personally responsible for the “failed stimulus” (it didn’t fail) and the national debt.

Millions in unaccountable money is being pumped into that state in order to swing the Senate seat back to George Allen. Coupled with the Jim Crow style Voter ID law, it’ll be a miracle — with some help of the more liberal northern DC metro part of the state — if any Democrats are elected there.

(h/t Shawn Sukumar Attorney at Law)

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  • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

    “Crossroads GPS, Rove’s outfit, is all over television there.”

    Same in Michigan. The “failed” stimulus and jobs are the focus. Makes me sick. We need some standards to ensure some TRUTH in political ads. Rove’s ads are nothing but pure fiction and are intended to delude the American public!

    • GeneralLerong

      What I really, truly, wish to know is why it’s so easy to delude the American public.
      Doesn’t anyone ever have the gut-basic common sense to smell a rat?
      Is the need for validation of one’s prejudices as pathetic as advanced addiction? What passes for a brain in these people is the equivalent of a giant, oozing abscess of pain that they’ll swallow anything to relieve?

      • http://JCohenMusic.com Justin Cohen

        To answer your question, I think it’s so easy to “delude” the American public because the majority of us would rather be entertained than informed.

        Why are the misleading TV adds so successful? Because so many people are watching TV, mostly to be entertained. They believe the lies because they trust the liars. They are not exposed to objective reality so there is no opportunity for facts to influence their opinions.

        A good friend of mine (educated and bright) asked me why would the republicans be so vehemently opposed to Obamacare if there wasn’t some really scary downside to it? For the average person who doesn’t pay a lot of attention to politics, it’s reasonable to assume that Obamacare could bankrupt us.

        Nicole’s desire to put “truth” in political ads makes sense because it may be the only way to put facts in front of people who would otherwise be deceived.

        As a practical matter, I think it would be difficult because I’m not sure who would be the final arbiter of truth. I think we need to foster a culture that encourages Americans to educate themselves on matters of importance.

        • GeneralLerong

          So, your “educated and bright” friend is so gullible she can’t recognize a lie when slapped in the face with it – her education didn’t cover “matters of importance,” is that it?

          So, Skepticism 101 should be required in high schools everywhere, with advanced degrees available in college? Good luck getting that one past the bible thumpers.

      • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

        I do think that most people have brains. :)

        People in general are not tuned in to politics. And, even if they manage to somewhat tune in every 4 years, they get their false & inadequate news from the networks, and while we know better, most people still trust the networks.

  • jmby

    Couple that with the fact that Tim Kaine, like Creigh Deeds in the 2010 Gubernatorial race, is running a shit campaign. Tim’s a likeable guy and an honest, moral politician, , but to be very honest, he was a milquetoast Richmond City Mayor who accomplished very little , and wasn’t much better as the Dem Party Chair. As Governor, he did reduce our deficit and a few other positive things, but failed to put iron in the spines of the General Assembly Democrats, or ram through much meaningful legislation – unlike the Republicans. We need an extremely energetic and strong Democratic candidate to fight against the Republican machine. The Democratic Party of Virginia does not have its act together when it comes to grooming strong candidates, nor with fundraising and aggressive grassroots organizing. I’m continually disappointed, frustrated and often, disgusted with our Dem leadership.

    • ranger11

      All of this might be true but from the outside looking in they’ve done an OK job winning statewide races over the past ten years with Warner, Webb, and Kaine. Much better than from where I stand in Florida. My guess is the Florida Democratic Party is jealous of Virginia’s.

  • D_C_Wilson

    And when they’re not on the TV, they’re all over the intertubes. “Failed stimulus” is definitely the talking point of the week.