Artist – Bill Day

In other news, did you know the gays caused Hurricane Sandy? Well, not really, but there’s always someone willing to say that.

For live updates on Hurricane/Snowicane/Frankencane Sandy, go here.

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  • nicole

    You must be feeling Sandy in Ohio, Ashby. We’re sure feeling it in Michigan. High winds and rain. My power keeps going out, and I hate that (I hate being alone in the damn dark!)

    Not really complaining because I know full well how bad it is on the East coast…. I just wish it were over.

    • JMAshby

      The wind here has been very strong all day with gusts up to 50 mph. Same forecast for tomorrow. Wind advisory until 6pm. Plus snow during the a.m. hours tonight.

      I saw the video of the people surfing on Lake Michigan because the waves are so high. That’s nuts.

      • nicole

        “people surfing on Lake Michigan”

        Yeah. The Great Lakes can be very rough with massive waves at times.