Mitt’s Rules

Because Team Romney is continuing to complain about debate rules, the debate questions, and the debate moderator this evening — here’s a video of Romney trying to make his own rules.

Romney: He got the first question so I get the last answer.

Crowley: Actually in the followup it doesn’t quite work like that.


It seems likely that the next debate will play out in a similar matter.

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  • morningsky

    I bet their team uses this as a wedge issue and walk away from the last debate??

    • IrishGrrrl

      Oh, I wish they would…it would be so much fun to make fun of Mittens for the next few weeks. I can hear it now….”First he was afraid to go on The View, then he was afraid to debate the President….what would he do in the White House? Scurry away from Putin, cower from Ahmadinejad….”

  • mclefi

    “Please proceed Governor”
    TRANSLATION :- Make my day Domb@$$!

  • D_C_Wilson

    When you’re inventing your own reality, inventing your own rules is just a natural extension.

  • IrishGrrrl

    The cons are going off on Crowley everywhere I’ve online today. They are insulting her personally as well as professionally. Their hate is so ugly I feel like I need a shower and a couple of shots after reading them.

  • Bob Rutledge

    Rmoney is the personification of the literal meaning of privilege

    privus private + leg-, lex law

    He is not held to the laws of common man.

  • Doran

    I don’t have high hopes for Bob Schieffer. I expect more Lehrer than Raddatz or Crowley. He’s a pal of GWB (his younger brother was actually a partner with W in the Texas Rangers), and is of the same old-school style of the first moderator. Obama had better not think he can rest on his laurels. I don’t think he will, but then again I thought he’d actually be present at the first debate, so we’ll see.

  • Username1016

    This is hilarious because it’s what children do. “He got the last pretzel so I get to sit by the window!” Most of us outgrow it!

  • Kari Hope

    What a hot mess!!

  • Sean Richardson

    I noticed that nobody seemed clear on the follow-up process at all, and halfway through, she seemed to basically abandon it entirely. Or maybe I just never understood it.

    But, yeah, when you’re trying to moderate the moderator, obviously something is wrong. I’m honestly curious what right-wingers thing the point of having a moderator is, since they don’t seem to believe that she was right to, you know, moderate the thing.