Super Stupid

Trip Gabriel from the New York Times doesn’t get it:

When polls last month showed President Obama pulling ahead, Republicans set up a noisy chorus that the results were flawed. Democrats dismissed the claims.

Now the shoe is on the other foot and Democrats are finding it pinches their toes.

There’s a universe of difference. Obviously. The Republicans insisted that pollsters — all of the them minus Rasmusssen — were deliberately “skewing” the polls in favor of President Obama because they were all in cahoots to re-elect the president. Democrats and poll watchers, on the other hand, criticized yesterday’s USA Today / Gallup poll as a statistical outlier. I didn’t see a single gripe that was based any sort of accusation of bias.

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  • JackDaniel07



  • Lazarus Durden

    This is all part of the false equivalence meme. “Now both parties have complained about that polling.” Doesn’t matter that one party complained about bias in all polls toward one candidate, the Republicans, and the other pointed out the Gallup Poll is a statistical outlier possibly, the Democrats.

    See they both complained therefore they’re the same. Forget substance.

    So Chuck Todd the next time you wanna lament about why conspiracy theories form look no further then to your own profession and the horseshit shoveling vocation it’s become.

    • Draxiar

      As Lewis Black said, “Mother Theresa had a moustache, Hitler had a moustache- Mother Theresa is Hitler!”