She’s Running

After attending a forum in DC where Hillary Clinton was the keynote speaker, The New Yorker‘s David Remnick strongly believes she will run for president in 2016.

…there was much chatter about what Clinton would do after she steps down from the Cabinet next month—get a haircut; take a few weeks sleeping off jet lag at Canyon Ranch; read the polls and the political landscape; do good works; do good works for the good people of, say, Iowa—and so on. Everyone had a theory of which they were one hundred percent certain. There wasn’t much doubt about the ultimate direction. 2007-8 was but a memory and 2016 was within sight. She’s running.

If she does, you can bet the president (as long as his poll numbers are strong) will do some hardcore campaigning in exchange for Bill Clinton’s dedicated work this year. But before that, the president will have to tell Joe Biden that it’s not his year — that Hillary is the White House’s candidate.

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  • Doran

    Oh I hope Joe doesn’t run, because he doesn’t have a chance and it won’t help the party. If things continue to play out as they are, Clinton will crush any GOP opponent in 2016.

  • Draxiar

    While I figured, and hoped, Hillary would run I’ll be interested to see who else will toss their hat into the ring for the primaries and if they’ll be able to keep up with the juggernaught that Hillary has become.

  • Robert

    Why the heck would we progressives want another DLCer to run for President? We had Republican-lite and it got us DOMA, the repeal of Glass-Steagall and the loss of Congress. The DLC is buried. Let’s keep it that way.

  • nicole

    This is good. We need someone who can keep the GOP out of the White House in 2016, and Clinton is it.

    Clinton will give us the second half of 16 years of Democratic rule (and enable us to keep the crazy-ass right wingnuts out of office), and then we can look to someone such as Deval Patrick in 2024.

    Adds………I love Joe Biden, and if I thought he had a solid chance in 2016 I’d be right behind him. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

    • Draxiar

      Nicole, you’re close…Deval Patrick. *wink*

      • nicole

        OMG, I can’t believe I typed that. LOL. :)

        • Draxiar

          I find it funny actually! When he was first elected Governor of my state I was constantly doing the same thing. So, no worries.

          • agrazingmoose

            He would be a good VP pick.

    • agrazingmoose


  • JWheels

    I realize it’s fun to speculate on the election four years from now, but right now I’m much more concerned with what the president who hasn’t even been inaugurated for a second term yet is going to do. It’s way way too early to even begin to think about what’s going to happen in 2016 in any serious way. I understand it’s important that there be a stable of plausible candidates but I think we need to see how things go over the next four years, or more realistically at least the next two years to determine who would be most likely to be viable in the next presidential election. A lot can change from now until then, and I’m really concerned with governing the country rather than exploding my brain with another extremely premature presidential election.

    • Doran

      I agree. Unfortunately the people who decide these things don’t listen to us.

  • Christine Mitchell

    I like Joe but I don’t want him as president. I would definitely love to see Hillary run. Our first woman president, and one who is smart, experienced and can inspire. I don’t want to see some progressive purist that can’t win as our candidate. I say hold on to the presidency until the demographics become such that a Republican can never win again. I need to hear her views on things of course, but I’d love to see it happen. And Obama owes her, as I’m sure he and Bill did some mighty fine parlaying for Bills’s support, so she’ll have Obama’s GOTV machine in place for a run. And of course, she has Bill to speak for her. I think she can win and we’ll have another historic first to be proud of.

    • 7thangel

      why does Obama owe her?
      ever since she lost i’ve seen this idea that he owed her something. even after a job which helped rehabilitate her, he still owes her?

      • Christine Mitchell

        Because of all the work Bill did on his campaigns. Do you think Bill did this because he loves Obama? I don’t think so.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I wonder if Biden will want to run for POTUS at age 74. I think that would make him the oldest major-party nominee in history (McCain was 72, Dole 73), and certainly the oldest first-term president in history. Hillary Clinton, at 69 would be the second-oldest first-term president in history, 8 months younger on inauguration day than was Reagan.

    • JWheels

      I think it’ll be someone people aren’t even considering right now honestly.

  • Nanotyrannus

    I’m conflicted. I love the work she’s done in the past four years and I really want her to stay on as Secretary of State. But when I think of her running for president, I’m reminded of some of the aforementioned gifts from Bill Clinton in the 90’s – DOMA, DADT, the repeal of Glass-Steagall, and his endless efforts to make friends with people trying to destroy him- as well as her going hat-in-hand to Richard Mellon Scaife days before the Pennsylvania primary for an endorsement. Again, that Clinton flaw that compels them to seek acceptance from the very people hell bent on their destruction.

    Plus, and this might sound flip and unserious, but when Barack Obama won in 2008 I was so glad to have a president that was close to me in age (I was 39, he was 47 I think) and that I didn’t have to be in my 60’s to say that. I mean, the guy could conceivably be my older brother.

    I guess we have a while to consider it.