Super Stupid

It’s moments like this that make you question whether anyone at Fox knows their ass from their elbow.

via shortformblog

Needless to say — maybe not so needless for Fox — a $1 trillion platinum coin would not actually be made out of $1 trillion worth of platinum.

The dollars in your wallet are not actually worth that much in materials either. They are a representation of value.

These are people who rant and rave about the deficit and the national debt, and they don’t even know how money works.

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  • Theo67

    It’s pretty embarrassing for Fox and their viewers, actually, that they are so stupid as to fall for this crap.

  • nicole

    The stupid just never ends with them. Christ.

  • Bob Rutledge

    So, does that mean I don’t have to use $360* worth of paper to write my rent checks?

    [*actually, it’s ¢180,000 (colones) and we pay cash, but what-the-fuck-ever]

  • muselet

    The stupid! It burns like napalm!

    And to think, these bozos are taken seriously in certain circles.


  • Rick Roll

    And your “genius” “president” has created a plan to effectively curve the national debt?

    • Bob Rutledge

      I don’t think the president has suggested bending the debt.

      Oh. You mean “curb”, as in limit. Well expressed, “genius”.