The Surge Didn’t Work

Contrary to what John McCain was screeching about yesterday, the reduction in Iraqi sectarian violence wasn’t really the consequence of our military escalation there. Robert Parry wrote an excellent takedown of the myth, beginning with the salient point:

…the “surge” sacrificed some 1,000 additional U.S. military dead (and killed countless innocent Iraqis) while contributing very little to the war’s outcome.

Any serious analysis of what happened in Iraq in 2007-08 would trace the decline in Iraqi sectarian violence mostly to strategies that predated the “surge” and were implemented by the U.S. commanding generals in 2006, George Casey and John Abizaid, who wanted as small a U.S. “footprint” as possible to tamp down Iraqi nationalism.

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  • muselet

    John McCain was wrong? Not just wrong, but wrong about national security, his pet issue?

    Oh, right. Yesterday was a day that ended in a ‘y’.


    • D_C_Wilson

      I realize that McCain is a sore loser, but I was still shocked at his
      poopy pants rant at the Senate hearing. He and Hagel were pretty close
      friends when the latter was a senator. I guess friendship with Launchpad
      McQuack only lasts so long as you agree with his lust for bombing brown

      • muselet

        John McCain is invested in The Surge. He noisily championed it, after all, so the idea that it wasn’t the single most consequential thing to happen in the Iraq War is heresy.

        Besides which, Chuck Hagel is going to be Secretary of Defense for the rotten, low-down scoundrel who beat McCain in 2008, thereby thwarting McCain’s destiny (not really, but since he couldn’t make admiral like his father and grandfather, President of the United States would have to do).

        McCain’s thin skin and general peevishness would be easier to take if he actually had any expertise in any area of public policy.


        • D_C_Wilson

          I guess I expected that friendship would have meant enough to Launchpad that he would have treated Hagel with the seriousness and respect these hearings deserve.

          I should have known better.