Conspiracy Theory

The Texas state Senate Education Committee is debating a bill that would prohibit Planned Parenthood from providing sex education materials to public schools. Why? Because sex education is part of their business model.

Testimony given in support of Senator Ken Paxton’s bill, which would “ban Planned Parenthood from providing sex education materials or instruction in public schools,” includes gems of wisdom such as this:

During Tuesday’s hearing on Paxton’s bill, Renate Sims of Round Rock told the Senate Education Committee she strives to teach her five children that “married sex and only married sex is appropriate.”

“Abortion providers like Planned Parenthood and their affiliates can’t possibly communicate this message effectively because of their inherent conflict of interest. If teenagers consistently viewed sex as something to be saved for marriage, Planned Parenthood would lose abortion business,” Sims said.

I guess they’re right. Planned Parenthood can’t possibly communicate this message effectively. We should leave it up to illustrated bibles and MTV. Because contrary to Planned Parenthood, unplanned parenthood actually is a part of their business model.

And because I would be remiss not to mention it — according to “no supporter of Paxton’s bill provided examples of Planned Parenthood materials or information that has actually been used in schools.”

Planned Parenthood is the new ACORN. A very real organization known for a wide array of fictitious trespasses.

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  • D_C_Wilson

    Unplanned parenthood is part of the business model of religious extremists everywhere.

  • muselet

    Anne Newman with the Women’s Wellness Coalition of Texas testified that Planned Parenthood’s website contains proof that it disseminates information that is not appropriate for schools.

    “I’m concerned about not only Planned Parenthood getting into the schools, but their materials getting into schools. Just from the Internet on ‘safer sex,’ one of the questions is: How can I have safer sex with my sex toys? Now, I ask you, do you want your children doing that?” Newman said.

    Oh, to be a fly on the wall when this woman gives her kids The Talk.


    • IrishGrrrl

      How can I have safer sex with my sex toys?

      Ummmm……I just don’t………/sigh…….I give up