No Leaders


Artist – Joe Heller

In case you missed it, Representative Michele Bachmann announced today that she will not seek reelection in 2014.

Republican strategists are apparently fairly happy about that.

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  • SlapFat

    And now for Rep. Bachmann to retire into a life of throwing cats at people.

    • muselet
      • SlapFat

        Pretty much, yeah. She’s got plenty of practice so I’d watch out for her and Jim Bunning.

        • muselet

          I suspect Jim Bunning wouldn’t be throwing cats, he’d be flinging his poo.


          • SlapFat

            He is getting pretty old. Though Bunning is no longer a senator he’d still probably hurl it in the name of stopping unemployment benefits.

  • nicole

    HA! Good freaking riddance to that whackjob!

    Her very weird announcement (video):