The Daily Show Traps Far-Right Radio Host

This rules. Just utterly rules.

Root is a raging paranoiac. Some evidence from 2010.

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  • muselet

    Wayne Allen Root was audited by the IRS. Once. In 2010. From this, he concludes that the Obama Administration is carrying out a vendetta against him.

    Pull the other one, it’s got bells on.

    Nobody is that paranoid and still functional. Root fulminates against the IRS because that appeals to his audience and thus keeps his numbers high enough to stay on the air. He’s just another Righty huckster with a microphone.


  • Victor_the_Crab

    That was a thing of beauty at the end. Wayne Allen Root had no idea he was being set up to look like the fool he is. The stupid was all over his face.

  • eljefejeff

    3…2…1…Thanks Bob that’s why your blog is Goddamn Awesome!

  • Clecinosu

    And yet he’ll still rage, on and on, about an IRS vendetta, having learned exactly nothing.