“Undisputed” SNAP Challenge Champion Actually Failed the Challenge

An aide to Rep. Steve “If Only Babies Had Guns” Stockman recently failed the SNAP challenge to live on $31.50 per week, and I find his excuse for failing (and why he’s actually a winner) to be quite comical.

via ThinkProgress

The Dallas Morning News reported on Monday that the communications aide had to buy additional food after embarking on an unexpected trip. Since he was unable to carry his canned purchases onto the plane, “Ferguson limited himself to $9 in meals while traveling” and ended up “going about 14 percent over budget.” [...]

Ferguson, however, remains undaunted, saying he will donate the additional food to a food bank and is now referring to himself as the “Undisputed Snap Challenge Champion.”

No, see, that’s not how it works.

You don’t fail the challenge and then declare yourself to be the “Undisputed Snap Challenge Champion.”

The excuse that he had to catch a plane wouldn’t suffice for someone who actually depends on SNAP on a daily basis. Someone who, when the SNAP money is gone, will have to turn elsewhere.

Furthermore, the idea that he was “feeling great” and that he “gained two pounds” compels me to question whether he was scarfing bacon cheeseburgers in secret alongside his peanut butter sandwiches.

And of course Ferguson’s failure triumph is proof that we can afford to cut $2 billion from the SNAP program.

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  • Bubble Genius

    Of *course* he gained two pounds. That’s what happens when you eat unhealthy food.

    • RilesSD

      Exactly! That’s what I took from this too. (You beat me to it, was just about to comment the same thing.)

  • zirgar

    He gained two pounds because he’s full of shit.

  • Lady Willpower

    It’s the same philosophy that allows them to lose elections yet still believe they’re speaking for “We The People.”

  • Cynicor

    The challenge isn’t “eat food for a week on SNAP.” The challenge is “eat food that meets accepted guidelines for proper nutrition for a week on SNAP.” It’s an unwinnable challenge, like making Republicans explain how they’re paying for the Iraq War, or circumnavigating Chris Christie.

  • D_C_Wilson

    If eight years under Bush has taught us anything, it’s that failure is always rewarded on Planet Wingnuttia.

  • muselet

    At the link:

    In a press release issued by Stockman’s office, Ferguson initially bragged that he “was able to buy enough food to eat well for a week on just $27.58, almost four dollars less than the $31.50 “SNAP Challenge” figure.” The list, which is posted on Stockman’s website, included prepared foods like red beans and rice, peanut butter, and even popsicles, but no vegetables. “That is my diet for the week and I’m not eating outside of it. Feeling great and I’ve gained two pounds,” Ferguson told ThinkProgress on Wednesday, adding,”Reality has a way of mocking liberalism.”

    Yeah, no. Prepared foods are loaded with salt. Popsicles but no vegetables? Good nutritional choice.

    Maybe Donny Ferguson eats like that all the time, in which case his primary-care physician must weep after every appointment with him.

    The casual cruelty of the House Rs never ceases to amaze me.


  • blackdaug

    Future Headline:
    Snap Challenge Champion Suffers Major Coronary!
    Doctors say: He was living on crap. Thats not food…what did he expect to happen!
    “Supersize Me” guy laughs ass off….

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Being a Republican means changing the rules on the fly as you go, until, at the end, you declare victory.

    Maybe the Chicago Cubs should adopt that stragedy. Then, come every fall, they can call themselves World Champions. They’re already owned by a Republican wingnut.

  • Draxiar

    Also, people on SNAP either don’t travel or when they do they take a bus.

  • mrbrink

    You know, it isn’t surprising that these fucking assholes miss the point entirely.

    This isn’t some fucking challenge for you, Mr. rich fucking white man with a healthy pension, healthcare, and a forever VIP pass to the velvet rope of exclusivity by birth.

    It takes a real prize piece of shit to smile while proving to the person with no legs how fast you can run. “What’s the matter, cripple? can’t keep up? heh, heh, heh…

    Another revoltingly insulting aspect of these fake “challenges,” especially when you’re trying to tout how good the Poors have it– not like Democrats who do it to empathize and show just a tiny glimpse of what it’s like living the lives of the miserable and impoverished(good on yous)– or the fact that they will never– ever– be able to do it without making themselves sick– is that *SNAP* is for people who are living like this every day, either paycheck to paycheck, or hand to mouth. Always just a little bit hungry because that fake sugar and fake butter and fake cheese and cheap Buddig meats and Ramon noodles and Kraft dinner and rice and beans and eggs and milk means repetitive diets and strict rationing. Not so much living, but barely surviving. Going to bed hungry. Missing meals because you’re afraid if you indulge, or if don’t ration properly, you will undoubtedly suffer later. Or maybe it’s a holiday month, maybe it’s Christmas, or the 4th of July, or a kid’s birthday and you would like to have an actual dinner on the rare occasion– with vegetables, fake butter, a birthday cake with icing, maybe a fucking Tiny Tim feast, or a maybe it’s just one those days where you have to use your precious, life-sustaining droplets of SNAP for basic condiments like ketchup and mayonnaise and you are presented with a choice– A choice that does not afford you the freedom and liberty to cheat by pulling the difference out of your pocket to steal food rations for poor to put into a billionaire’s fucking ash tray.

    It’s a life filled with unnecessary stresses upon stress and uncertainty and needless bureaucracy because motherfucker trolls like Steve Stockman don’t think a day spent getting to the welfare office which is always miles away from convenience, filling out several pages of very personal information forms, meeting with case worker after case worker, being judged for your literacy or penmanship, and staring around the always overcrowded room, seeing women with children, old people/young people, people who will never get job that doesn’t abuse them because of some social hangup, or mental disorder, physical handicaps– a room filled with the faces of the truly beaten and downtrodden. The lines on the discarded faces of capitalism are even more pronounced with the glimmers of individual empathy and collective gestures of compassion.

    “The Challengers” always miss out on what it truly means to be victimized and exploited by the system they have victimized and exploited.

  • trgahan

    What do we expect from the “Poor are poor ONLY because they are lazy, stupid, and entitled. Rich are rich because they hardworking, smart, and deserving!” party?