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The Charge of the 20th Maine – From Gettysburg

150 years ago today: Day Two of the Battle of Gettysburg. My great-great-grandfather, R.B. Davis of the 155th Pennsylvania was positioned on another section of Little Round Top while this charge (and other similar charges) took place to defend the Union army’s left flank.

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  • Ipecac

    I was reading my wife’s Facebook page last night and an old high school friend, a very conservative, religious type, was responding to someone’s remembrance of Gettysburg. His response was something like, “We owe those men, of both sides, a huge debt of gratitude.”

    It really rubbed me the wrong way. Americans don’t owe the Confederate troops a damn thing except our scorn. They betrayed the country, leading to the deaths of a half million Americans, to perpetuate slavery. Screw them.

    And that’s why I’m not on Facebook.