In ‘Merika, wearing body armor and carrying a gun into a movie theater is okay as long as you don’t impersonate a CIA agent while doing so.

Grand Blanc Township, Mich. — The FBI says a man was arrested at a movie theater in Grand Blanc Township near Flint wearing body armor and carrying a gun.

Cassidy Delavergne wasn’t charged with crimes related to the gun or 34 rounds of ammunition. But he was charged Wednesday with possessing a phony Central Intelligence Agency identification card.

FBI spokesman Simon Shaykhet says police were called to the Trillium Theater on Tuesday night after someone noticed the vest and gun. Delavergne was watching a movie when police arrived.

If you asked me I’d say carrying a phony ID was the lesser trespass, but this is America. Bring your guns and your body armor. Don’t forget to buy an extra large bucket of popcorn and a Big Gulp.


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  • blackdaug

    Well, its not like I ever wanted to see another movie in a theater……ever….anyway.
    Apparently we are going to peg the dial to 11:
    From too stupid to govern…all the way to: Too stupid to live in.
    I’ll just be over here reading the latest issue of “Modern American Cave Dweller”.
    There is a great piece on how to bullet proof you one entry way…in a single weekend!

  • mrbrink

    Imagine getting this call: There is an armed man sitting in a crowded movie theater wearing body armor and saying he’s CIA… and it’s barely a crime. I wonder if he was there for The Smurfs?