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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal says if people would stop acting so black and Hispanic, we wouldn’t have so much racism.

Not surprisingly, Nick Saban, the head football coach of rival Alabama, has a higher approval rating in the state of Louisiana than Bobby Jindal does.

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  • Mike_Norris

    No, wait, that makes sense. If the republicans didn’t act so douchey, people would like them better. See?

  • muselet

    There is nothing wrong with people being proud of their different heritages. We have a long tradition of folks from all different backgrounds incorporating their traditions into the American experience, but we must resist the politically correct trend of changing the melting pot into a salad bowl. E pluribus Unum.

    Uh-huh. That’s why nobody throws a wobbly when wished “Happy Holidays” in December. It’s why everyone cheerfully greets new neighbors regardless of their race. It’s why … oh, hell, I can’t keep it up any longer.

    Bobby Jindal—or, more correctly, the low-level staffer who wrote that piece for Tiger Beat On The Potomac—really needs to get out more.


    • hanadora444

      But if Bobby does get out more he runs the risk of running into Blacks and Hispanics acting Black and Hispanic thus causing Bobby to become more racist. Best for everybody if he just stays home and watches more Brady Bunch reruns.

      • muselet

        The Brady Bunch? A show that advocates—gasp shock horror—remarriage? Not a chance.

        Father Knows Best or Ozzie and Harriet would be more to Bobby Jindal’s tastes.


        • hanadora444

          But Piyush just LOVES the Brady Bunch! After all, he named himself “Bobby” after one of its characters.

  • Jamie

    and Saban left LSU to take the Alabama job

  • trgahan

    To help those blacks and Hispanics in LA., here is Gov. Jindal’s Definition of the offending behavior: Anything that makes a sheltered, xenophobic white person nervous is “acting too black or Hispanic.”
    Yep, it is all about fiscal responsibility and liberty.

    • Zen Diesel

      Funny you should mention, a sheltered xenophobic white person. This story makes me wonder if there was one in the restaurant.


      • muselet

        That restaurant manager is a fool. Not because she’s a bigot or because she enabled a bigot but because she cost the restaurant a whole lot of money and the chain a whole lot of lousy publicity.

        A party of 25 versus one complaining diner? Comp the sheltered xenophobic white person’s meal and seat the large party.

        A phone call to corporate about an incident? Answer the phone, apologize profusely and do everything practicable to make it right. Never let a problem like this go public.

        I foresee lots of additional training for lots of people.


  • Zen Diesel

    I would like to see Bobby Jindal say that during the next St. Patrick day festival, or any Italian-American festival and see how far that stupid rhetoric would fly.