Ted Nugent Rocks The Mental Ward That Is Conservative Thought

What is it with this guy?

Appearing on a talk radio show yesterday, Ted Nugent continued to spit on the grave of another human being whom he has never met, showing no signs of ever recovering from his undiagnosed rabies:

Ted Nugent, the 80’s rocker who has found a second career as right-wing flame thrower, appeared on a talk radio show in Maine on Saturday and said that Trayvon Martin, the unarmed 17 year old black Florida teen who was shot and killed last year, deserved his fate.

Nugent again referred to Martin as a “gangsta wannabe,” doubling down on comments he made in an Op-Ed he penned immediately following the acquittal of Martin’s killer George Zimmerman. On Saturday he went further, baselessly arguing that Martin was driven by “bloodthirst,” constantly looking to “get into fights with people,” and ultimately “got justice.”

I imagine that whatever post-apocalyptic social structure rises out of the ashes of humanity, they will have to fight the attempted subjugation from roving bands of Ted Nugents.

A recent Quinnipiac poll showed that approval of ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws are strongly divided along racial and partisan lines, which seems to have more credibility with the media for some reason than the ‘overwhelming’ majority of Americans who support background checks.

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  • blackdaug

    I am going with the theory that Teddy, suffered from a childhood bout of toxoplasmosis.
    A brain parasite, which in his case, seems to have left him with the singular inability to utter a statement that:
    a. Makes any rational sense
    b. Fails to piss off most people with an I.Q. over 60
    It was the mangled subconscious subject of one his famous 3 chord atrocities:
    “Cat Scratch Fever” – A cry for help

    • muselet

      Comedy’s hard enough without someone else coming in and stepping on your punchlines, but cat scratch disease isn’t caused by Toxoplasma gondii, but rather by Bartonella helnselae, and it’s usually benign and short-lived. Let’s not blame kitties for the serial horrors perpetrated by Theodore Anthony Nugent.

      My theory is that he was repeatedly dropped on his head as a child.


      • blackdaug

        Toxoplasmosis is a brain parasite, that in fact , in certain imuno suppressed individuels, may be acquired by cats scratching in their litter and trasfering it to the host. (See for instance the movie Train Spotting)
        Sorry but the joke stands……and writes itself…..

        • muselet

          Oh, understood. My picky and pedantic point (oh, goody, let me take a moment to beat the point even farther into the ground!) was that cat scratch disease isn’t the same as toxoplasmosis. Different organisms, different diseases.

          And it is a good joke, no question.


  • muselet

    Ted Nugent, ladies and gentlemen!


  • muselet

    At long last, an explanation for Righty behavior, including Righty behavior regarding the death of Trayvon Martin.


  • Dennis Collins

    And Ted Nugent is a homo erectus wannabe