You Can’t Make This Up

On the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and King’s “I have a dream” speech, you may be reflecting or celebrating, but Fox News is asking questions about rap music.


Conservatism is a mental illness.

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  • Schneibster

    Unclear on the concept.

    Why do they always start by attacking art?

    • Felonious Grammar

      Because they can’t dance.

      • Schneibster


    • Mike_Norris

      Because they are stupid…

      • Schneibster

        Half of everyone is.

        Get used to it.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Because it’s easier to blame society’s ills on the entertainment industry than to actually do something about them.

      • Schneibster

        They’re the ones talking about it, must be their fault, right?

  • Mike_Norris

    I heard the entire “I Have a Dream” speech on MSNBC today. I was deeply moved…and I weep for my country. We are not even close to the dream of Dr. King. Seriously, we should hang our heads in shame.

    • Schneibster

      And not for any of the reasons right wingnuts whine about either.

  • GrafZeppelin127


    ROTFLMAO!!! Somebody should carve that phrase in stone and mount it in bronze, because I can’t think of anything that encapsulates what it means to be a “conservative” in 2013 better than that.

    Effing priceless.

    • Schneibster

      Rap certainly has no patent on that.

      Jazz and Bebop were both very musically revolutionary periods, and Beat, which overlapped with Bebop, was artistically revolutionary. Blacks have not yet made a really memorable painting legacy, but it’s the only area of art they’ve not yet investigated and I look forward to the results (what I’ve seen so far was way cool and occupies my walls). I see Rap as an outgrowth of black poetry, not black music. They’ve taken a few of the beats, but they haven’t even acknowledged jazz or rock’n'roll or soul or gospel. I’m an atheist and I’ll sing gospel because it sounds so good!

      Rap not being music isn’t something wrong with it; it’s something it’s free of. It doesn’t have to conform to musical constraints.

  • stacib23

    From Joe “Deadbeat Dad” Walsh, the one-term, ousted Tea Party Congressman. After somewhat agreeing with Juan Williams of FOX, he said the following:

    I have a dream that all black parents will have the right to choose where their kids attend school.

    I have a dream that all black boys and girls will grow up with a father.

    I have a dream that young black men will stop shooting other young black men.

    I have a dream that all young black men will say “no” to gangs and to drugs.

    I have a dream that all black young people will graduate from high school.

    I have a dream that young black men won’t become fathers until after they’re married and they have a job.

    I have a dream that young unmarried black women will say “no” to young black men who want to have sex.

    I have a dream that today’s black leadership will quit blaming racism and “the system” for what ails black America.

    I have a dream that black America will take responsibility for improving their own lives.

    I have a dream that one day black America will cease their dependency on the government plantation, which has enslaved them to lives of poverty, and instead depend on themselves, their families, their churches, and their communities.

    Really – today?

    • Felonious Grammar

      I have a dream that that man will trip and fall into an operating wood-chipper.

      • stacib23

        Amazing, isn’t it? Who in all hell would he blame for all of the world’s ills if there were no black people? Not to excuse anybody because goodness knows that most of what he said, like it or not, is true, but black people don’t have a monopoly on poor parenting or fucking gangs or drugs. Has dude never heard of the Mafia, or any of the other ethnic gangs? Hell, I live in Chicago – some of us are of the mind that the police department is one of the biggest gangs in existence. :-) And, this bastard doesn’t take care of his own damn kids, and if he’s black, I’ll eat my Bears cap.

    • D_C_Wilson

      I have a dream that Joe Walsh will finally pay his child support and take care of his own kids before lecturing others on how to take care of theirs.

      I have a dream that Joe Walsh will apologize to Tammy Duckworth for denigrating the sacrifices she made for our country and then apologize for all the misogynistic remarks he made about her.

      I have a dream that Joe Walsh will also apologize to the woman at the coffee shop that he berated for having the temerity to express an opinion that differed from his own.

      I have a dream that he will then just shut the fuck up and go away.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      I have a dream that Joe Walsh will have the words “RACIST ASSHOLE” tatooed to his forehead in an Old English font.

  • trgahan

    Just about ANYTHING to diminish that moment, huh?

    The Simpsons said it best with Fox News: not racist, but number 1 with racists!

  • Christopher Foxx

    And with the typical “Some See…” approach so favored by Fox.

    Really, Fox? Some? OK, name five.