House Passes Massive Cut to SNAP

Quick flash: The Most Awful Farm Bill Ever we’ve been discussing this week has passed the House.

The vote total was 217 to 210. 15 Republicans joined the Democratic side of the aisle in voting against it.

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  • Kitty Smith

    Well, the senate will likely kill it, which is some small consolation.

    Seriously, why are these people alive again?

    • Schneibster

      Because there’s no air tax calibrated to teh stupid.

    • The Panic Man

      Because nobody wants to be the guy who cleans the guillotine.

      • mdblanche

        At the rate things are going there’ll be volunteers soon enough.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Because murder is a serious crime.

      • stacib23

        Yeah, but the penalty for murder is a shot in the arm, and I’ve got two arms. I think it might be worth it to get rid of a few of those assholes.

        • Kitty Smith

          The problem with the shot isn’t the arm, it’s the body attached to the arm.

  • Schneibster

    Aw shit.

    ETA: thanks for the info, recommended.

    Sometimes it sucks to be right.

  • hanadora444

    After which, the distinguished members probably treated themselves to a good meal.

  • js hooper

    And Firebaggers / Ratfuckers continue to spread the lie that the 2 parties are the same.Democrats are just as bad as Republicans according to them.

    Whenever these assholes say that shit…all I hear is…”I’m a privileged (white) douchebag”

  • D_C_Wilson

    Since this is likely to die in the Senate, it’s purely a masturbatory exercise so that the republicans can go back to their teabagger moron supporters claim that they tried.