LEGO’s Weird Science

This is a pretty good step toward some semblance of promoting gender equality.

Meet Professor C. Bodin: She looks authoritative, in her white lab coat, wielding beakers full of dangerous-looking yellow and blue liquid. She’s definitely smart — according to her bio, she won the “coveted Nobrick Prize for her discovery of the theoretical System/DUPLO® Interface.” But Bodin is far from intimidating; she’s only an inch and a half tall.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Welcome to the New LEGO World Order!

Although, I’m sure she’s still being paid less than her male counterparts.

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  • nicole

    lol. I love Legos!

  • Schneibster

    Signs of the times! We’re winning. Slowly but surely we’re winning.

  • muselet

    Not bad. Not bad at all.


  • missliberties

    Cute. I want one.