The Colbert Smile File

Here’s Stephen Colbert on Eric Bolling and what could only be described as a fascist talkshow produced by Robert A. Heinlein. I am, of course, referring to The Five.

The people are clapping for you Eric, like Tinkerbell. Like Tinkerbell with a gun in her mouth.

I don’t care that Castro killed himself, but holy shit.

Tweet your suggestions on who should kill themselves next to Eric Bolling. I’ll start with Eric Bolling himself.

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  • missliberties

    WTF is wrong with him?

    Another Putin fan we can assume. Poison your enemies and threaten your friends?

  • HilaryB

    I think Bolling is going to become the new Glenn Beck. I heard he did something weird with ketchup recently while talking about Syria.

    • muselet

      Yeah, he tried some sub-Carrot Top prop comedy on The Five the other day. Even the other panelists looked embarrassed.


  • muselet

    What a truly terrible human being.


  • JimmyAbra

    So, now there really is no difference to “news” and talk radio….that is basic shock jock talk that ego-centric teens and early twentysomthings find funny…unfortunately some don’t advance mentally and become cable news junkies who these guys appeal to.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I’m kind of glad Republicans and their enablers are probably not Star Trek fans. Because if they were, they might be getting policy ideas from this episode of ST:TNG.