The State of the Rand Speech

Here’s Colbert on Rand Paul #1, Rand Paul #2, Rand Paul #3, and Rand Paul #4.

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  • mrbrink

    I love how conservatives and Rand Paul seem to think that it’s statesman-like to use the U.S. Senate as a minor league farm team for diplomatic imbeciles to sort through their shortcomings, before assuming the presidency.

  • Drift Glass
  • mdblanche

    Which Rand are we supposed to be standing with again?

    • Zen Diesel

      I think it’s the one that spoke last….lol.

  • Zen Diesel

    Rand Ayn can do us all a favor and just say that I oppose anything the President wants even if the President later changes his mind and agrees with that thing I originally opposed. Which means that I now must oppose that thing I originally opposed which in turns mean I agreed with what the President originally opposed……Herp Derp