The Right Thing to Do


Artist – David Horsey

In other news, House Oversight Chairman Darrell “Witch Hunt” Issa is angry because the government shutdown he and his colleagues precipitated has stayed a lawsuit that he brought against the Department of Justice.

While Grand Dragon Issa is committed to punishing Eric Holder for… something, Judge Amy Berman is not amused.

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  • DrowningKittens

    If FOX NEWS is a teacher, then what do you call the Department of Education?

    • dbtheonly

      A target?

      I seem to remember Rick Perry promising the elimination of three Departments on his first day as President. Energy, Education, & the other one.

      • DrowningKittens


        • dbtheonly

          Sorry, completely miss the point to your response.

          • DrowningKittens

            Conservatives have nothing compared to the government’s indoctrination of our children.

          • dbtheonly

            Thank you. Why do you say that? Can you cite specific examples as my dealings with the Department of Education have dealt with student loans.

            Both Media Matters & Newhounds.US have numerous examples of Fox bias. The “slim down” being among the recent.